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Hannah Warrick

Hannah joined the Home Bay team in 2023 as a contributor and has been professionally writing and editing online content for over 5 years. She specializes in curating real estate content and distilling complicated information into simple takeaways so consumers can make the best decisions for their unique situations. In particular, Hannah regularly researches hundreds of discount real estate brokers across the U.S., comparing their pricing structures, service features, reviews, transaction data, and more, to recommend the best options in a given area. She leverages AI to quickly sift through data and summarize the key features, pros, and cons of a particular brokerage, based on the ranking methodology she has given the model. 

When she's not analyzing data or creating a ranking methodology, you'll find Hannah working on personal creative projects, like writing and illustrating for her children's book (unfortunately the complex data models and ranking methodologies don't help here). 

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