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Illustration of a person buying a home

When You Want to Buy a House, Who Delivers Your Offer to the Seller?

Before you buy a house, it’s important to understand who delivers your offer to the seller. Learn how the offer…

Sell Smarter: Answers to 5 Crucial Home Staging Questions

Sell Smarter: Answers to 5 Crucial Home Staging Questions

Is home staging necessary to sell your home? Learn the answer to this and 4 other crucial home staging questions.

homeowners insurance

What Homeowners Insurance Does and Doesn’t Cover

Homeowners insurance is a necessary and smart purchase that can keep you from financial ruin if disaster occurs. Here’s everything…

image of woman choosing loan types

Traditional Financing Vs Owner Financing

If a buyer can’t find traditional financing, some sellers may offer owner financing. But how does it compare to traditional…

home seller mistakes

4 Way Too Common Home Seller Mistakes

Trying to sell your home yourself? Avoid these common home seller mistakes and get your home sold for top dollar!

Illustration of a contract

FHA vs Conventional: Comparing the Most Popular Mortgage Loans

FHA and conventional loans are two of the most popular and accessible loans available, but which is right for you?

Pricing your home

3 Game-Changing Tips on How to Price Your Home to Sell

Pricing your home is one of the most difficult tasks for sellers. Learn three tips that can help you price…

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Is Home Staging Worth It? When to Spend vs. Save

Home staging can help showcase your home in the best possible light. But is it worth the cost? Learn who…

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What’s a Home Appraisal in Real Estate — and Can I Skip It?

Most mortgage lenders require a home appraisal — so buyers should be prepared. Learn the process and why it matters!

Avoid Over-Improvements Before Selling Your Home: Here's How

Avoid Over-Improvements Before Selling Your Home: Here’s How

One of the worst things you can do before selling your home is making over-improvements. Find out how to avoid…