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What are Discount Realtors? (And Should You Use One)

Want to find the best discount real estate brokers to sell your home? See which companies experts recommend (and which…

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Can a Seller Refuse to Pay a Buyer’s Agent? Avoid This HUGE Mistake

Realtor commission can be pricey — but can a seller refuse to pay a buyer’s agent? Learn the risks and…

Lots of Saves on Zillow But No Showings? Here's What's Missing

Lots of Saves on Zillow but No Showings? Here’s What’s Missing

Getting lots of saves on your Zillow listing but no showings? Here’s why (and what you need to do to…

Cheerful Guy And Lady Hugging After Moving In New Apartment Standing In Living Room, why is renting better than buying, why is buying better than renting concept

2024 Data: 53% of Americans Believe Homeownership Is Out of Reach for the Average American

Discover the truth about homeownership: A survey of 1,000 Americans compared happiness and stress levels between homeowners and renters.


72SOLD Reviews: Is It Worth It for Sellers?

What Is 72SOLD? | Reviews | How It Works | Is It a Scam? | Service Quality | Costs |…

An illustration of a seesaw with a house on one side and coins on the other to show how much money you lose selling a house
as is.

How Much Do You Lose Selling a House As Is? Learn the Risks and Best Options

Selling a house as is might get your home sold faster, but it could also deter potential buyers and lose…

Best 2% Commission Realtors in 2023

Best 2% Commission Realtors in 2024

If you want to save on your home sale, a 2% real estate commission company can help. Find out how…

6 Best Companies for Low Commission Realtors

The Best Brokerages for Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Discover the best companies for low commission real estate agents, from Clever Real Estate to Ideal Agent. Don’t overspend on…

Buying a Home Costs Nearly 6x the Average American’s Annual Salary

Home prices have risen twice as fast as income, leading to an affordability crisis that’s locking many buyers out of…

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Home Prices Are Rising 2x Faster Than Income (New Data)

The gap between home prices and income is widening across the U.S. but some metros have kept prices from burgeoning…