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16 Famous Houses from Movies and TV Shows: What Do They Look Like Today?

Nightmare on Elm Street

Some of the most iconic houses in the world are familiar facades from movies and televisions. Sometimes they’re just a set built for a production, but in many cases, those famous movie houses and television digs actually exist.

Some of these famed homes, like the house from A Christmas Story can be rented out. Others are single-family homes owned and occupied by regular people β€” and some of them have to pull the blinds tight when tourism season starts.

These 16 famous houses from movies and TV shows are some of the most iconic of all time. Just don’t be the one who knocks on the Breaking Bad house’s door. They don’t take kindly to strangers.

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Cheaper by the Dozen House

The home from Steve Martin’s 2003 hit comedy Cheaper by the Dozen looks a bit different these days. Notably, the home is no longer white, and the pool is now filled with blood (or perhaps just dyed water). That’s due to the home’s current owner, “LA Ink” star and tattoo artist Kat Von D., who gave the home a makeover after purchasing it for $6.5 million in 2016.

The three-story Victorian was built in the 1890s and boasts 11 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, 7 fireplaces and 12,565 square feet of rock star-esque living.

Originally, the home was listed for sale at $15 million in January 2022 but dropped in price to $12.5 million just a few months later. Unique properties like this mansion can take quite a bit longer to sell than other homes β€” but if you have a traditional home and it’s taking months to sell, there’s something wrong with your marketing strategy.

The Home Alone House

The McCallister house from Home Alone is one of the most iconic movie houses of all time. Although most of the interior shots were done on a soundstage β€” they didn’t actually light Marv’s head on fire in the kitchen β€” all of the exterior shots were completed on location.

The Home Alone house is still a tourist attraction, although visitors aren’t welcome to run up (or tumble down) the main steps. The house sold in 2011 for $1.585 million and its current residents have installed video cameras and a wrought iron fence.

The 1921-built Georgian has six bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and measured 4,243 square feet. Sadly, there’s no treehouse in the back β€” that was taken down after filming.

The Brady Bunch House

The Brady Bunch house hit the market in July 2018 for $1.8 million and was purchased by HGTV for $3.5 million just one month later. The network created a seven-episode TV show about renovating up the 1959 split-level ranch called A Very Brady Renovation.

The home used in the original show was just for the exterior shot, but HGTV completely gutted and redesigned the home to reproduce the fictional Brady home, right down to pictures on the wall.

We’re not sure what’s going on with the house now. HGTV still owns it, but it’s not available for rent. You can pop on over and take a picture of the outside but tours aren’t scheduled.

The Full House House

Everywhere you look, there’s a tourist on these steps if you’re the homeowner.

This 1883-built Victorian from the Full House TV show is one of the most famous TV show houses of all time, and it’s pretty pricey to boot. The home that housed the Tanner family (or more precisely, was only used for the exterior shots) last sold for $5.35 million in 2020 by Full House creator Jeff Franklin. Franklin had wanted to make the outside look just like it did on television, but the neighbors shot that dream down.

The iconic house popped up on Zillow as a for sale by owner (FSBO) listing in May 2022 for the ludicrous price of $37 million. While we initially thought this was the work of a way-too-hopeful FSBO seller, it turned out that someone had hijacked the Zillow listing and plugged their own number into the listing description. Zillow removed the listing after a few days.

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The Big Chill House

In real life, The Big Chill house is Tidalholm mansion, a stunning 1853 antebellum Southern mansion. It’s over 7,000 square feet with 7 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms and a waterfront view β€” but it sold for just 1.76 million in 2017.

That’s because The Big Chill house spent some time in foreclosure and was in disrepair when the home was auctioned off. 1979’s The Great Santini also filmed here, but most people remember it for the 1983 dramedy classic.

A Christmas Story House

You’ll shoot your eye out! The famous house from the classic 1983 holiday comedy A Christmas Story can be seen, toured, and lived in (for a night or two). The home it’s been completely renovated to look just like Ralphie’s childhood home in A Christmas Story, right down to the leg lamp in the window.

The current owners purchased the home in 2004 on eBay for just $150,000, and then spent another $240,000 gutting and renovating the home to look like it did in the movie. Across the street is A Christmas Story Museum.

If you can’t wait to see the house in person, there’s a 24/7 live feed to drink your Ovaltine to.

The Gone With the Wind House

The house that inspired Gone With the Wind novelist Margaret Mitchell now operates as a bed and breakfast.

Way back in the day, Mitchell noticed the 1836-built plantation and sent a note to the upcoming film’s producers to use the mansion as a model for Ashley Wike’s southern digs.

The home used in Gone With the Wind was a set piece constructed on a soundstage. But the real house itself is just as grand. It’s known as Twelve Oaks, and you can stay in any of its several themed rooms. One room is named after the Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries TV show, as the plantation was used as the Lockwood Mansion.

The Breaking Bad House

The White family’s home is located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane in Breaking Bad, but the exterior shots were filmed at this home on Piermont Drive in Albuquerque.

Unfortunately, obsessed Breaking Bad fans have not been kind to the property owner, who had to install a six-foot tall iron fence around the front lawn and place road cones on the street. Reportedly, some fans would chuck pizza on the roof and steal rocks. Reviews on TripAdvisor report the current owner yells at anyone who comes by for a picture, even if they’re parked across the street.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air House

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air house is privately owned and hasn’t been on the market since 1978 (where it was last sold for just $723,000!). But the owners allowed Will Smith to Airbnb their manse for the 30th anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and a few lucky guests were able to stay at Uncle Phil’s digs for just $30.

According to property records, the mansion is 6,438 square feet and has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Nearby properties sell for $6 -$10 million.

Scream House

Do you like scary movies? The “Scream” house is one of the most famous movie houses in horror history β€” and sometimes you can visit it.

Set on a sprawling 300-acre lot in the hills of west California is Macher’s house where the bloody third act of Scream takes place. The mansion is known as Spring Hill Estateand mainly functions as a wedding venue, although the owners have thrown Scream-themed parties in the past.

For the 2022 sequel and the original film’s 25th anniversary, Spring Hill Estate will once again become the Scream house for a few nights as an Airbnb.

The Twilight House

In real life, Edward Cullen’s house in Twilight is actually owned by Nike chief design officer John Hoke. Built by Skylab Architecture in 2001, Hoke and his wife purchased the modern property in 2007 for $2.5 million. Not long after they moved in, a filming scout spotted the 4,900 square-foot property and asked if they’d be interested in letting their abode become the Cullen house.

The home is located on a dead-end street and it’s a private residence, so Twilight fans are not encouraged to stop by.

Groundhog Day House

The Groundhog Day Victorian where Bill Murray wakes up over and over and over (and over!) again is now a bed and breakfast, just like it was in the movie.

Head on over to the Cherry Tree In Bed and Breakfast and take a walk around Woodstock, Illinois (where filming actually took place, and not Punxsutawney, Philadelphia). Just don’t drive on the railroad tracks.

The American Horror Story: Coven House

Miss Robicheaux’s witch academy from American Horror Story: Coven is an absolutely gorgeous, 20,000 square-foot New Orleans mansion built in 1856.

Known as Buckner Mansion, the house is located in the famed Garden District of the city and features 48 columns on the outside and three ballrooms behind its stately doors. In 2016 it was available to rent for $4,000 per night, but nowadays would-be-witches will have to be content with a photograph from the sidewalk.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street House

Nancy’s house from A Nightmare on Elm Street still looks just like it did in the movie, sans the iconic red door (that’s nothing some red paint or blood can’t fix!).

The famous movie houseβ€” a 1919 Dutch Colonial with 3 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and 2,700 square feet β€” sold in early 2022 for $2.98 million. Agents put the home up for sale in October of 2021 and required all offers to be in by midnight, October 31. They also promoted the listing with a creative YouTube video guest starring Freddy Krueger.

The Silence of the Lambs House

It puts it on the market, or it gets the hose again. Buffalo Bill’s house from The Silence of the Lambs originally had a rough time selling when it first went up for sale for $300,000 in August 2015, languishing on the market until July 2016 when it finally sold for $195,000.

The home changed hands again in January 2021 where it sold for $290,000. The current owner had a whole new idea for the famous movie home β€” a creepy (but cozy!) horror-themed destination and overnight rental.

The house features a life-sized replica of Hannibal Lecter and a recreation of Buffalo Bill’s basement dungeon (moisturizing hole not included).

The Silence of the Lambs house was a unique sale (train tracks are practically in the backyard), and it took some time to find the right buyer.

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Are real houses used in movies?

Yes! Many famous houses from TV shows and movies are real places. Often only the exterior is used for establishing shots, although some productions feature the entire property, like the “Scream” house or Edward Cullen’s house from “Twilight.” Check out these iconic houses from movies and TV shows!

Are there any famous movie houses you can rent on Airbnb?

Some famous houses you can rent include Buffalo Bill’s house from “The Silence of the Lambs,” the house from “A Christmas Story” and sometimes the “Scream” house. Check out those and more houses used in movies and TV shows!

What are the most famous movie houses?

The houses from “Home Alone,” “Gone With the Wind” and “A Christmas Story” are three of the most famous houses from the world of film. See more famous homes from movies and television!

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