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Angie’s List Movers: A Full Review

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Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is a platform that connects you to local movers across the U.S.

It has a variety of contractors and companies available, depending on the services you need. We did a deep dive to see how Angie’s List movers stack up against similar options.

Overall Score: 3.3/10

  • Value: 5/10 — Angi’s average pricing is about the same as national average rates.
  • Customer experience: 2/10 — We couldn’t find any third-party customer reviews of Angi moving, but there are many Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints against the company.
  • Credibility: 1/10 — Angi is a broker, not a moving company. There’s no way to check if Angie’s List movers are licensed, compliant, and insured. The company has also had legal trouble regarding alleged false claims about background checks.

Bottom line: We don’t recommend hiring a mover through Angi. Many of the contractors in the Angi (Angie’s List) network, but the company has received a lot of negative feedback. It also has a history of shady advertising. Because Angi uses individual contractors, we can’t assess each mover’s credibility or safety.

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Angie’s List Movers: In-Depth Breakdown


📊 Our rating: 5/10

  • Standard costs
  • Variable rates
  • Comparable quotes on the site
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Our research suggests you won’t save any money hiring a mover through Angi. For instance, Angi’s average cost for a short-distance move is $1,707. This closely matches $1,700, the national average for a local move, according to HomeAdvisor.

Each mover on the network sets their own fees. So, we can’t say how their specific rates will compare with industry standards or if they tack on extra fees. But Angi’s website lets you compare quotes from multiple movers.

Customer Experience

📊 Our rating: 2/10

  • Hundreds of negative reviews of Angi (though they weren’t specific to moving)
  • 1,000+ BBB complaints and no accreditation
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We couldn’t find any Angi reviews related to moving. But there are some red flags with Angi in general. Angi’s overall reviews — including ratings for its web experience, not just services — are mixed.

Source Avg. rating
Consumer Affairs 3.8/5
Trustpilot 3.1/5
Better Business Bureau 2/5
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We’re most alarmed by the 1,188 official BBB complaints about Angi in the last 12 months. Not many of those complaints have to do with moving, but it does make us doubt Angi’s customer experience in general. It also concerns us that the bureau revoked Angi’s accreditation in February 2022.


📊 Our rating: 1/10

  • Unenforced standards — movers self-report insurance and license information
  • A recent legal settlement regarding false background checks
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Angi movers are all independent contractors and companies. So the credibility of each mover may vary. But our research revealed that Angi itself has some red flags.

Angie’s List movers’ insurance and license information may be incomplete or incorrect. Each Angi profile includes this data, but it is self-reported and not regularly updated, according to the website.

Angi also lost its BBB accreditation after over 1,000 bad reviews. And the company also settled during a 2021 legal dispute about false claims about background checks.

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About Angi Movers

Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is a broker company based in Indianapolis. Angi is a moving broker, not a moving company. Instead, it connects you with local and long-distance relocation services around the country.

Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana
Speciality (long distance, local, etc.) Broker for local or long-distance moves
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How We Researched

We reviewed customer feedback, BBB records, legal documents, and other public information to learn more about hiring a mover through Angi. Then we compared Angi moving information to data on other moving companies.

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Is Angi a moving company?

No, Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is not a moving company. Instead, it acts as a broker to connect you with professional movers in your area. On Angi, you can browse moving companies and compare their reviews and pricing. Check out our Angie’s List movers review.

How do I find Angie’s List movers near me?

You can find Angie’s List movers near you by visiting the Angi website or app to get a list of movers. Check out our Angie’s List movers review.

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