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Armstrong Relocation Review: A Good Choice for Your Next Move?

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Armstrong Relocation offers residential and commercial moving services, and supply chain services. Armstrong movers can handle your local move, and with the help of its partners, it can take care of long-distance and international moves too.

Overall Score: 7/10

Value: 6/10

Armstrong Relocation has typical pricing for the industry. It doesn’t charge extra fees, but it doesn’t throw in perks either.

Customer experience: 7/10

Reviews show some complaints about damaged items, but the company also earns lots of positive reviews. We recommend focusing on the reviews for your local Armstrong moving office. Just Google “Armstrong Relocation” plus your city, and then look at Google and Yelp reviews.

Credibility: 8/10

Armstrong Relocation and its partners are properly registered and insured. All locations seem to have standard safety and complaint records.

Bottom line: Armstrong Relocation is a solid choice for local moves, assuming you have a location nearby. Most of its locations have good customer reviews and excellent service records.

If you use Armstrong for long-distance and international moves, you’ll end up working with one of its partner companies, such as United Van Lines and Mayflower Movers. These partners are legitimate services that also have good reputations.

Of course, everyone has different needs during their move. So to get personalized recommendations (and inside rates), we recommend connecting with a moving broker.

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Armstrong Relocation: In-Depth Breakdown

Value: 6/10

Full disclosure: we haven’t been able to get a custom moving quote from Armstrong Relocation yet. But based on our research, Armstrong prices are in line with industry standards.

Expect a local move, for example, to cost around $1,396 (the average cost according to quotes from dozens of other companies). For a long-distance move you can expect the average price to be around $6,017.

Your actual Armstrong quote will depend on your location, move date, and selected services. Armstrong offers everything from basic loading and transport to full-service moves with packing and appliance reassembly. You can even get staging services through Armstrong. Just keep in mind that you’ll pay more for these extra services.

Also, expect Armstrong international moves to cost more than local or long-distance moves. That higher cost isn’t just a matter of distance ― it also has to do with how complicated international moving can be.

Fortunately, Armstrong makes it easy to set up a virtual survey of your home to get a quote for your move. That personalized quote will make it easier to see if Armstrong is a good value for you.

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Customer Experience: 7/10

Armstrong Relocation offers a pretty average moving experience, based on customer feedback.

On Angi, for example, Armstrong Relocation earns a 4.8 out of 5. And several Armstrong moving locations earn at least 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp.

Most customers say Armstrong moving is efficient and professional. We saw lots of praise for careful movers, helpful moving coordinators, and excellent customer service. Plus, several reviews say Armstrong cost them less than the competition.

We did see some negative Armstrong Relocation reviews too. Customers mostly complained about damage to personal items, higher-than-expected final costs, and minor damage to homes. Those are pretty standard complaints for a moving company, and we didn’t see anything unusual or alarming.

Your personal experience will depend on your local Armstrong moving company, but we expect you to have a decent move if you use Armstrong Relocation.

Credibility: 8/10

Armstrong moving locations appear to have all their ducks in a row. Each location is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and has active insurance.

Most Armstrong moving and storage locations haven’t had complaints or accidents within the past few years. The locations that have had some complaints or accidents have very few ― well within normal numbers for a moving company.

Armstrong Relocation partners with United Van Lines for long-distance moves. United also complies with industry standards for DOT registration and insurance. It earns a satisfactory safety rating from the DOT.

United Van Lines does have more complaints than any Armstrong moving company location, but that makes sense because the company does more moves. Also, the complaint numbers and types aren’t unusual.

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About Armstrong Relocation

Armstrong Relocation has 31 locations in 19 states. It also partners with national and international moving companies, including United Van Lines, Mayflower Movers, Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage, and more. That means Armstrong can handle moves to just about anywhere.

Headquarters Memphis, TN
U.S. DOT # Varies by location
Specialty (long distance, local, etc.) Local and intrastate moves
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How We Researched

We evaluated Armstrong moving and storage solutions by looking at Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration safety, complaint, and insurance records for different Armstrong branches and their moving partners.

Then we analyzed dozens of Armstrong Relocation reviews from actual customers. We also compared our data on Armstrong to data from other moving companies and to average moving costs from HomeAdvisor.

FAQ About Armstrong Relocation

Does Armstrong Relocation offer free estimates?

Yes, Armstrong Relocation offers free estimates. Just fill out the form on its website to get started. Check out our Armstrong Relocation review.

When was Armstrong Relocation founded?

Armstrong Relocation was founded in 1957. Check out our Armstrong Relocation review.

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