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What’s The Best Time To Move? It’s Complicated

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Best time of year to move | Best time of month to move | Best time of week to move | Other ways to save

The best time to move is during the slow season — from September to May. The best days of the week to move are generally Monday, Thursday, and the weekend because movers tend to be less busy. 

If you can’t pick your ideal move date, there are other ways to save money and reduce stress when you move.

Best time of year to move

According to 2022 moving trend data from Allied Van Lines, the peak moving season is June, July, and August.[1] Because moving companies are so busy during those months, it’s the most expensive time of year to relocate. 

Most popular months to moveMost popular days to move
• June
• July
• August
• Tuesday
• Wednesday
• Friday
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Data is from Allied Van Lines’ recorded moves in 2022.

If you’re moving on a tight budget, you might want to pack up and go during the winter months when there’s less demand. But keep in mind that places like Minnesota have severe cold weather and storms that could make it challenging, if not impossible, to move as scheduled.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re moving during winter, hire a long-distance moving company that has experience driving in potentially hazardous road conditions. If you plan to drive a rental truck, read up on driving safely in snow and ice, find the least hazardous routes, and give yourself extra time to travel safely.

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How fuel costs factor in

No matter how you choose to move, you’ll need to pay for fuel.

Moving companies charge a fee to offset the high cost of gas. The surcharge amount depends on the mover and the season. JK Moving quoted us a 16% fee for fuel.

If you’re driving a rental truck, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to fill the gas tank. You can’t predict exactly what gas will cost, but you can look at pricing trends to get an idea.

You can track fuel trends by season and by region at

According to GasBuddy, gas typically costs more during the summer and on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And Monday is often the cheapest day to get gas.

Best time of month to move

The end of the month is the best time to move because it’s easier to cancel your utilities before the new month begins. You also won’t have to deal with the landlord charging you a prorated rent payment, which is a daily rent payment for the extra days you’ll be staying rather than paying for the full month. But it might be harder to book a moving company or rental truck at the end of the month because other people could have the same idea.

If you want to lock in a less popular (and cheaper) move date, plan to move in the middle of the month. Ask your landlord if you can end your lease two weeks early or two weeks late and adjust the rent accordingly. 

You can still leave mid-month if they say no, but you’ll have to pay the full month’s rent.

Homeowners have even less flexibility with moving timelines. You have to schedule your move around the closing date you agree on with your buyer. But you can have someone trust watch your property until you close on the sale. Then you can book the move for when it’s most convenient or budget-friendly.

Best time of week to move

The best days of the week to move are usually Monday and Thursday. These days are the least popular and usually the cheapest.

But weekdays might not be the most convenient time to move if you need to get time off from work or pull your kids out of school. And if you need any moving help from friends, Saturday or Sunday is usually easier. So, even if it’s harder (and more expensive) to book a mover or truck, you might want to move on the weekend.

💡 Pro tip: If your move date is flexible, it could be worth taking a Monday off so you can move then. That gives you the weekend to get all the last-minute details sorted.

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Best time to move into an apartment

January is the best month to move into an apartment because rent prices are typically the cheapest at the beginning of the year.[2] Also, fewer people tend to move mid-winter.

The most expensive time to sign a new lease is in July. Landlords know they can ask for a higher rental rate during the summer because it’s a popular time to move.

Best time to move into a house

If you’re buying a home, summer is usually the best time to move in, so you don’t have to deal with winter weather. You’ll want to move in shortly after you your closing date if possible so the home doesn’t sit empty for too long.

However, you might not have control over when you’re able to move into your new home.

If you’re renting a house, the winter is probably the cheapest time to move in because it’s the off-season for moving. The landlord will probably want you to move in at the start or the end of the month. But you can always ask for a different arrangement if you’d prefer another date.

Other ways to save on your move

If you can’t relocate when it’s the cheapest time to move, here are a few other ways to help you reduce costs and make the move less stressful:

  • Book early. Schedule your move at least eight weeks in advance so you have one less thing to worry about. And booking at the last minute can get expensive.
  • Compare quotes. Request quotes from at least three moving companies to make sure you get the best deal possible. Get moving quotes today!
  • Rent a truck. DIY moves are almost always cheaper than hiring a moving company. Companies like Uhaul and Penske are usually a good option for truck rentals.


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