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Is Miracle Movers a Good Moving Company?

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Miracle Movers is a full-service moving company based in North Carolina. It has locations throughout the state and in surrounding states. The company specializes in local moves, but it also offers long-distance moving. Miracle Movers prides itself on hiring employees instead of contractors.

Overall Score: 7/10

  • Value: 6/10Miracle Movers will likely have costs similar to those of other movers in the area.
  • Customer experience: 7/10 — Miracle Movers gets positive reviews overall. Some branches do get some unusual complaints though.
  • Credibility: 8/10 — All Miracle Movers branches have current licensing and insurance. And we didn’t see any safety issues.

Bottom line: We see lots to like about Miracle Movers. But we still recommend digging into customer reviews for your local branch before you commit. Most locations have solid reviews, but some get more concerning complaints.

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Miracle Movers: In-Depth Breakdown


📊 Our rating: 6/10

  • Average costs
  • No discounts or coupons
  • No labor-only moving options
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Miracle Movers doesn’t list prices online. But most customers said that their quotes from Miracle Movers were around the same price as quotes from other movers.

That means a local move will likely cost $1,396, according to the average of dozens of companies we were able to get a quote from, while a long-distance move will cost around $6,017.

Your exact moving cost depends on your move distance, home size, and special services. Get a free quote to find out how much Miracle Movers will cost you.

Miracle Movers doesn’t offer coupons, seasonal discounts, or other savings. It won’t give you extras like free storage, either. Plus, Miracle Movers is a full-service moving company. So you can’t save money with a labor-only mover, like Two Men and a Truck.

Miracle Movers could give you a little more value because it hires long-term employees instead of contractors. But customer reviews for Miracle Movers don’t seem much better than other companies that use contractors.

Customer Experience

📊 Our rating: 7/10

  • Positive customer reviews
  • A few concerning complaints for a couple locations
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Most people have good things to say about Miracle Movers, but some locations earn better reviews than others.

All Miracle Movers locations earn at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google, where they get most of their reviews. We read through dozens of reviews for various locations. The positive reviews list fast service, friendly movers, and helpful customer service.

For the most part, the bad reviews sound pretty standard, including damage complaints.

That said, experiences do vary a bit between locations. For instance, Miracle Movers Raleigh had just a few minor damage complaints. But several Miracles Movers Myrtle Beach customers reported missing (and potentially stolen) items. And Miracle Movers Charlotte gets complaints about the manager and rude staff.

Most customers have great experiences with Miracle Movers, but we strongly suggest reading reviews for your location.

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📊 Our rating: 8/10

  • Properly licensing and insurance
  • No suspicious formal complaints
  • Zero damaged goods complaints in the past four years
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All Miracles Movers locations have proper licensing and insurance.

We checked Miracle Movers’ safety, complaint, insurance, and licensing info with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT).

All locations, from Miracle Movers Atlanta to Miracle Movers Wilmington, have current licensing and insurance.

We also didn’t spot any safety issues. The U.S. DOT shows only two crashes in the past two years (between all locations). And Miracle Movers may not have been at fault for those.

The U.S. DOT records also show very few formal consumer complaints against Miracle Movers. Large companies often get a dozen or so complaints per year, but most Miracle Movers locations got zero complaints in the past four years.

In other words, Miracle Movers is a credible company you can trust.

About Miracle Movers

Miracle Movers offers local and long-distance moving services in the southeastern United States. Miracle Movers mostly operates in North Carolina. It also has 19 locations across Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Miracle Movers isn’t affiliated with Miracle Movers or Miracle Moving companies in Arizona, Utah, Texas, or New York.

Headquarters Wilmington, NC
U.S. DOT # 2461529 (varies by location)
Speciality Local
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How We Researched

We began our research on Miracle Movers with the U.S. Department of Transportation. We checked safety, licensing, and insurance records for the different Miracle Movers locations. We also analyzed dozens of customer reviews for each Miracle Movers location. We compared our findings on Miracle Movers with the info we have on other movers in the southeast area.

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What days is Miracle Movers Wilmington, NC open?

Miracle Movers Wilmington, NC, is open every day except Sunday. Read our full Miracle Movers review.

How is Miracle Movers rated?

Miracle Movers ratings do depend on the specific location, but all its locations get at least 4.5 stars on Google. In other words, most people like it. Read our full Miracle Movers review. Read our full Miracle Movers review.

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