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Is Red Van Lines A Good Moving Company?

red van lines

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Red Van Lines (formally RedVanLine Networks) is a website that connects you to moving brokers and companies to give you moving quotes. It isn’t a brokerage or moving company itself.

Note: Red Van Lines isn’t the same as Red Lines Van Lines, which is a totally different moving company.

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Overall score: 2/10

Value: 2/10

Red Van Lines won’t get you special rates from its affiliates. In fact, customers report surprisingly high prices or bait-and-switch deals.

Customer experience: 2/10

Red Van Lines gets terrible customer reviews. Customers complain about getting connected with deceptive and rude moving brokers, as well as getting spammed for months after using its website.

Credibility: 2/10

Red Van Lines doesn’t seem to vet any of the brokers it connects you with. You could end up with a reputable moving broker or with a scammy company trying to take advantage of you.

Bottom line: We don’t recommend Red Van Lines. It won’t give you any special moving expertise or discounts. And you don’t know who it’s selling your contact information to.

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Red Van Lines: In-Depth Breakdown

Value: 2/10

Red Van Lines doesn’t offer much in the way of value. Its website states that “the essence of our service is to connect you with 3rd party service providers.” Because it’s not a real broker, you won’t get discounted rates or clear prices that let you shop around.

Instead, you’ll get spammed by a bunch of different brokers and still have to go through each of their processes to get a quote. Red Van Lines adds more steps to your move without offering any clear value in return.

Customers seem to agree that Red Van Lines doesn’t offer much value, according to reviews. The reviews showed reports of surprisingly high estimates. And we also saw multiple complaints about initially low quotes that got much, much higher as time went on.

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Customer Experience: 2/10

We haven’t found any positive customer experiences with Red Van Lines. In fact, most Red Van Lines reviews come from ScamPulse, a website for consumer alerts, where customers have shared a variety of bad experiences.

People say that Red Van Lines connected them with moving companies that offered deceptive prices, used high-pressure sales tactics, and even harassed potential customers.

We couldn’t find too many Red Van Lines moving reviews. The company isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau, so there aren’t any reviews there. We did find more reviews for 2Movers, which seems to be the same company. (They share an address and a phone number.) That company also gets terrible customer reviews. Yelp users call it a scam, and 98% of the reviews on TrustPilot give it one star.

Even people who successfully booked through Red Van Lines (or 2Movers) had negative experiences with their actual moving company. (And no, that’s not because all moving companies get bad reviews. Some, like Motivated Movers, get excellent customer reviews.)

Based on customer feedback, you’re better off avoiding Red Van Lines altogether.

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Credibility: 2/10

Red Van Lines looks pretty scammy.

Red Van Lines isn’t an actual moving broker. It’s not registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and doesn’t have a U.S. DOT number. The only service Red Van Lines offers is giving your information to moving companies.

Red Van Lines can connect you to some legitimate moving companies. When we tried it out, several companies that contacted us to provide a quote were registered with the U.S. DOT.

But just because a company is legitimate doesn’t make it a good choice. Some of those brokers have an alarming number of complaints in the U.S. DOT mover database. That number is particularly startling when compared to national companies like Mayflower Moving. If you do choose to use Red Van Lines, you’ll definitely want to research any companies it sends your way.

We have no reason to believe Red Van Lines actually vets any of the companies it connects you with. Quite a few users even claim that Red Van Lines and 2Movers sell your personal information to all kinds of companies that aren’t movers at all.

Although some people have used Red Van Lines to book legitimate moves, we recommend you work with a reputable moving broker.

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About Red Van Lines

Red Van Lines is a website that collects your personal information and passes it on to moving brokers and other companies. It is not a broker or any kind of moving company itself.

HeadquartersBuffalo, Wyoming
Speciality (long distance, local, etc.)N/A

How We Researched

For our Red Van Lines review, we started by looking at customer reviews. Based on those reviews, we dug deeper into Red Van Lines’ business info and tied it to 2Movers. We began the quote process with Red Van Lines, and then we looked up the moving companies that contacted us in the U.S. DOT mover database to see complaints and insurance records. Then we used that data to compare Red Van Lines to dozens of other movers and brokers.

FAQ About Red Van LInes

How do I know if a moving company is legit?

To check if a moving company is legit, look up its DOT number in the US Department of Transportation’s mover database. That number will help you find its safety, insurance, and complaint records. You can also check out customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. Read a review of Red Van Lines to see if it’s a legit moving company.

What can I do if I was scammed by a mover?

If you’ve been scammed by a mover, you can file a complaint with the National Consumer Complaint Database. Read a review of Red Van Lines to see if it’s a legit moving company.

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