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Is Square Cow Movers Legit? Here’s What We Found

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Square Cow Movers is a Texas-based moving company with 14 years of experience. It offers labor-only and full-service moving for both local and long-distance moves. Unlike most moving companies, Square Cow doesn’t require a deposit before you move.

Overall Score: 8.3/10

  • Value: 8/10 — Square Cow Movers charges about the same as other companies. But its binding estimates and zero down policy add extra value.
  • Customer experience: 8/10 — Most reviewers report great experiences with Square Cow. But the franchises are independently owned and operated, so check out the reviews for locations near you.
  • Credibility: 9/10 — Square Cow Movers complies with US, Texas, and Colorado moving company requirements.

Bottom line: Square Cow Movers is a great pick for Texas moves. Its excellent customer reviews and clear pricing make it better than the competition. Whether you want full-service or labor-only moving, we think you’ll get plenty of value from Square Cow. If you have a long-distance move planned outside of Texas, you may need to stick with a company that focuses on long-distance moves, like Mayflower Moving.

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Square Cow Movers: In-Depth Breakdown


📊 Our rating: 8/10

  • Binding quotes

  • No add-on fees

  • No upfront deposit

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Square Cow Movers offers more value than most moving companies we’ve reviewed.

Based on customer reviews, Square Cow charges similar rates to other movers in the area. So, you should budget $900-2,500 for a local move, according to HomeAdvisor’s national average data. There aren’t special fees that we see with other companies, like elevator fees, large-item fees, weekend fees, and mileage fees.

Plus, Square Cow commits to its estimates. The price at the start of your move will be the price at the end of your move. That’s great, as changing prices is one of the most common complaints we see in moving reviews. (Note that this won’t apply if you opt for an hourly rate.)

Square Cow also doesn’t require any cash upfront. You pay at the end of your move. That means you don’t have to worry about fighting to get your deposit back if something goes wrong.

Customer Experience

📊 Our rating: 8/10

  • Great reviews

  • No unusual negative reviews

  • Experience can vary by location

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Most Square Cow third-party reviews say that customers had a great experience.

All Square Cow locations get at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on Googleand 4 stars or higher on Yelp.. We read through dozens of reviews. Customer after customer praised Square Cow Movers for its careful movers, fast service, and excellent communication.

Square Cow does get some negative reviews too, though. Luckily, we didn’t see anything too alarming. A small number of the negative Square Cow Movers Yelp reviews we read complained about damage to items or homes. This is a common complaint with any moving company. A few customers also complain that Square Cow movers work too slowly. But we saw way more reviewers mention their speed.

Square Cow has started franchising, which means locations may operate quite differently. So, Square Cow Movers Houston won’t necessarily offer the same experience as Square Cow Denver. Make sure you focus on reviews for your local franchise before you commit.


📊 Our rating: 9/10

  • Proper insurance and registration

  • No red flags

  • No formal damaged goods complaints in the past four years

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Square Cow Movers is a legitimate moving company that meets registration and insurance requirements.

We looked up Square Cow in the U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. DOT) mover database. It has an active U.S. DOT number, current insurance, and no red flags on its safety report. Plus, Square Cow hasn’t received any formal consumer complaints in the past four years.

Square Cow also has proper registration with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

About Square Cow Movers

Square Cow Movers (sometimes called Square Cow Moovers) opened in 2008. It now has seven locations in Texas and one in Colorado.


Austin, TX


U.S. DOT #



Local moving

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How We Researched

We verified Square Cow Movers with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Texas Department of Transportation, and Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. We checked out its registration, insurance, and safety records. Then we analyzed dozens of Square Cow Movers Yelp and Google reviews. We also compared its pricing to HomeAdvisor national data and other moving companies we’ve reviewed.

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How is Square Cow Movers rated?

Square Cow Movers gets good ratings overall. All locations earn at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google. Read our full review.

What days is Square Cow Movers Austin open?

Square Cow Movers Austin is open Monday through Saturday. All Square Cow Movers locations are closed on Sunday. Read our full review.

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