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Should I Trust TaskRabbit Movers?

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TaskRabbit is an app that connects you with local freelance workers (called Taskers) who can help you move. It operates in many major and mid-sized U.S. cities. We did a deep dive to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Overall Score: 3.3/10

  • Value: 6/10 Some TaskRabbit movers hourly rates are lower than national averages., but costs vary from worker to worker.
  • Customer experience: 3/10 TaskRabbit movers are individually rated and reviewed. Customer experiences vary dramatically from worker to worker.
  • Credibility: 1/10 TaskRabbit movers are independent contractors who might not be properly licensed or insured. We found 243 Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints against TaskRabbit.

Bottom line: TaskRabbit might be an okay choice for people who need help moving a few boxes across a city. But we don’t recommend TaskRabbit movers for moving a whole household.

It’s impossible to predict your experience with individual independent contractors. We also can’t reliably assess movers’ credibility, safety, or insurance status.

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TaskRabbit Movers: In-depth Breakdown


📊 Our rating: 6/10

  • Good value for labor-only moving
  • Possible extra fees for heavy items or long distance
  • Varied pricing
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TaskRabbit moving is a decent choice for customers looking for labor-only moving services. Taskers set their own hourly rates, and the cost starts at $40 per hour per Tasker. So, you could potentially get a mover for below the national average of $50 per worker.

Your TaskRabbit moving cost depends on the Tasker you choose and how long your move takes. Some Taskers charge extra for services like heavy lifting or driving long distances.

You can filter the list of local Taskers by price range. And the platform has a chat feature you can use to confirm details, outline terms of service, and negotiate any extra charges in advance.

⚡️ Quick tip: Moving quotes from TaskRabbit movers are based on labor and might not include the supplies you’d expect from a moving company. We recommend that you talk to a moving advisor for quotes and advice.
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Customer Experience

📊 Our rating: 3/10

  • No guarantee of a good moving experience
  • No guarantee of moving equipment
  • Numerous complaints on BBB
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The huge network of Taskers makes it impossible to predict what kind of service you’ll get. Customers’ experiences differ dramatically from Tasker to Tasker.

Some Taskers drive moving trucks, while others use pickup trucks or cars. Also, movers might not have standard supplies for most relocation companies.

Many individual Taskers get positive feedback from customers. But TaskRabbit itself has received 243 formal complaints on BBB, earning 1 out of 5 stars and a B rating. Many of these complaints are specifically about TaskRabbit movers. They mention incomplete work or overcharging for basic services.

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📊 Our rating: 1/10

  • No official status as a moving company
  • No company insurance or registration
  • Minimal requirements for employees
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Remember, TaskRabbit is not a moving company. TaskRabbit movers are independent workers. They don’t have training, vetting, or insurance from a moving company.

Most moving companies have public records, like insurance, Department of Transportation (DOT) registration, and accident history. TaskRabbit uses individual contractors, so it’s impossible to check these records.

TaskRabbit requires workers to pass an identity check and criminal background check. But it’s up to the customer to choose a trustworthy, efficient, reliable mover. The platform is very clear that it does not provide insurance against losses.

About TaskRabbit movers

TaskRabbit is a nationwide platform that connects you with local contractors who can help you move. TaskRabbit movers are available in many major and minor U.S. cities.

Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Specialty Local
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How We Researched

We reviewed TaskRabbit movers based on customer feedback and other public information. We also compared TaskRabbit to reviews and data on similar professional moving companies.

Learn more about Home Bay’s editorial policy.


Are there TaskRabbit movers in NYC?

Yes, TaskRabbit can connect you with local movers in most major and mid-sized U.S. cities, from NYC to LA. Read our full TaskRabbit movers review.

What tasks can I ask my TaskRabbit mover to do?

Use the TaskRabbit chat feature to discuss the tasks and terms of service with your Tasker in advance.

Here are some common moving tasks that you can arrange through TaskRabbit:

  • Junk removal
  • TV mounting
  • Furniture moving and assembly

Read our full TaskRabbit movers review.

How does TaskRabbit tipping work?

Tipping is not mandatory or expected by most Taskers. However, you can add a tip after your Tasker sends the invoice, according to the TaskRabbit website. Read our full TaskRabbit movers review.

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