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Should I Trust Taskrabbit Movers? (2024 Review)

Taskrabbit is a platform that lets you book local gig workers (“taskers”) for a variety of jobs, including moving. Taskrabbit movers can handle local and long-distance moves within your state and some can provide a truck to transport your items.

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โญ Our score: Taskrabbit Movers
Customer reviews3.0
Recent activity3.0
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*Scores are out of 5.

Bottom line: We think Taskrabbit is a good option if you’ve got a simple move and you want to save money. Hourly rates are $40 per hour, on average, so Taskrabbit can be a lot cheaper than hiring a professional moving company (usually $60+ per hour). However, you should check for consistent positive reviews for the individual tasker you’re hiring โ€” you might find that the cheapest taskers in your city aren’t rated as highly as the moderately priced ones.

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In-Depth analysis: Taskrabbit Moving

Customer reviews

๐Ÿ“ŠOur rating: 3/5

  • Customer ratings vary by tasker
  • Reddit users report good experiences
  • Share lots of info at booking time for a better move

We can’t state the average customer rating for Taskrabbit movers like we can with other moving companies because each tasker is individually rated. You can read customer reviews for taskers while you’re booking, so it’s easy to see who has the highest ratings and who has completed the most moves.

We read comments on several Reddit threads where users reported a good experience hiring taskers for their move. Several Reddit users recommended giving your tasker as much information as possible about the move before they show up. Sending pictures of your furniture and any difficult locations they’ll have to navigate (stairs, elevators, etc.) will help the tasker to show up prepared.


๐Ÿ“ŠOur rating: 3/5

  • No industry credentials on file
  • Transparent rating system
  • Criminal background checks

Taskrabbit movers are gig workers โ€” they typically don’t have moving insurance and they’re not required to be registered with the Department of Transportation since they only handle small moves within states (they don’t cross state lines). This makes it harder to verify the credibility of taskers, but we like some of the features Taskrabbit includes in tasker profiles to help you vet movers.

Before you book, you can see how many moves a tasker has completed, how well they’re rated by customers, and what equipment they have. You can even read through individual reviews to find out what people did or didn’t like about working with them.

Negative reviews bring down a tasker’s rating, so the platform motivates them to provide good service. Taskrabbit also requires every tasker to submit a criminal background check as part of the company’s Trust & Safety policy.


๐Ÿ“ŠOur rating: 4.5/5

  • Quick and easy online booking
  • Same-day availability
  • Some extra steps for interstate moves

We like how easy it is to book Taskrabbit movers. Enter a few details about your move on the website, and you’ll see a list of available taskers who you can book instantly.

You can filter by timeline and price range, and it’s even possible to book a same-day move if you’re in a rush.

The only inconvenience is that if you’re moving across state lines, you’ll have to book taskers separately (one for your departure location and one for your destination). We recommend booking a tasker who can handle long-distance moves if you’re moving out of town but not leaving the state โ€” this’ll make your end-to-end move much easier to coordinate.

Recent activity

๐Ÿ“ŠOur rating: 3/5

  • Limited data
  • See tasker’s activity at booking time

We don’t have enough data to confidently score Taskrabbit’s recent moving activity โ€” largely because of the nature of the platform. Every tasker is unique; some have a strong track record, while some have mediocre ratings or have only completed a few jobs.

We recommend checking out the total number of “Moving Tasks” a tasker has completed while you’re booking โ€” you can sort movers by this metric on the site. If a tasker has a high average customer rating and they’ve completed lots of moves, we’d assume they’re active and reliable. A tasker who’s only completed five moves may either just be getting started or only handling moves on a very casual basis. 

Taskers will sometimes include how long they’ve been handling jobs on Taskrabbit as part of their profile description. Keep an eye out for this detail โ€” it can be a useful way to see who has the most experience in your city.

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About Taskrabbit Moving

Fast facts

US DOT #None
CoverageMajor metro areas
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The average hourly price for a Taskrabbit mover is $40.52 (as of Feb, 27, 2024). You can filter by price to view the cheapest and most expensive movers on Taskrabbit.


Taskrabbit is available in most major metro areas across the country. If you’re moving, some Taskrabbit movers can handle long-distance moves outside of your city. Check here for your location.


  • Loading/unloading
  • Packing
  • Heavy item moving
  • Local moves
  • Junk removal



We evaluate every moving service by scoring across four key categories: customer reviews, convenience, credibility, and recent activity. These scores power our recommendations.

  • Customer reviews: 50% โ€” How well is the moving company liked by customers, and is there a high enough volume of reviews to give us confidence in the service they offer?
  • Convenience: 20% โ€” Does the company make it easy to get prices and book a move?
  • Credibility: 20% โ€” Is the moving company clearly a legitimate business?
  • Recent activity: 10% โ€” Does the mover have a strong enough track record of recent activity to show that they’re able to handle moves right now, and that customers are still satisfied with the service they’re getting?

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