Do I have to offer a Buyer Agent Commission?

By Home Bay

Posted on July 14th, 2016
If you work with Home Bay, our low, one-time fee replaces the commission you would typically be paying to a listing agent. But do you still have to pay commission to a buyer's agent? Read this post to learn.
Most of our sellers
choose to offer 2% to 3% to a buyer's agent. But it is your choice what to do here.
Understand that by not offering a buyer's agent commission, you will severely limit the number of buyers who tour and put in offers on your listing. Prospective buyer agents are likely to steer buyers away from your home if they see you're offering a low or no commission.
For more advice on which route to go, check out this post, which explains who gets paid what and outlines many of the pros and cons of various home seller commission strategies. We are happy to support you whatever decision you feel is best for you.

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