Home Showing Advice: Give Buyers Some Space

By Home Bay

Posted on December 1st, 2014

If you want to be present for showings or if you want to host them yourself - that's great! Just make sure you know how to allow buyers to take in the space during their home tour. One of the most common mistakes sellers make when they conduct home showings is they crowd the buyer and overwhelm them with information. Buyers want to have a chance to look around, discuss what they like and don't like about it and figure out whether it could be a good fit. Read on for tips on how to allow them to do that!

Home Showing Advice: Give Buyers Some Space

Best Practices for Showings:

Stay within earshot but don't be in the same room or following hot on your buyer's heels. Just be close enough that you can hear and answer questions if they come up. You don't want your buyer to have to yell for you or to feel like they have to whisper their opinions about your home.

What Buyers Say:

When buyers are looking around your house, they typically don't “ooh” and “aah” over the details. Instead, most buyers sound like this:

  • I wish the kitchen was bigger.”
  • I wish there was room for a chair in the bedroom.”
  • I hate that paint color!

When you hover over your buyers, they cannot articulate their thoughts or concerns to their partner or agent. And if they can't share their thoughts, they won't hear the other person's opinion or alternative solution...

  • "Yeah the kitchen isn't huge, but did you see the pantry? That'll give you more space."
  • "I would build a window seat right over there. I think it'll be even better than the chair."
  • "I'm not crazy about that color either... but a quick trip to Home Depot can solve that!!"

Give buyers space to explore your home, let them express their thoughts and ideas freely and be ready to answer questions to increase your chances of getting an offer!

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