How does Home Bay handle real estate paperwork?

By Home Bay

Posted on July 16th, 2016

Wondering how Home Bay handles all the real estate paperwork involved in your transaction? Our team of real estate brokers and transaction coordinators provides the exact same forms and disclosures that you would receive from a real estate agent throughout the home sale process.

Most of these forms only require you to initial specific areas or sign your name. However, there are some forms -- the transfer disclosure statement and seller property questionnaire in California, for example -- that require a little more time and thought. These forms and others like them in other states like Florida ask a long series of questions, such as, "Has your roof leaked in the last 5 years?", and "Do you share a fence with a neighbor?" When you answer yes to a question, you also have to write a short explanation.

If you need assistance completing these forms, our brokers are here to help. Questions? Ask us!

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