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10 Ways to Write Open House Follow-Up Emails (Examples Inside!)

10 Ways to Write Open House Follow-Up Emails (Examples Inside!)

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When you’re selling a home for sale by owner (FSBO), you’ll want to host an open house. Open houses can be a great way to find potential buyers and get feedback — but too many FSBO sellers miss out on valuable insights.

Sellers who fail to send the right follow up message won’t be able to gauge whether a buyer is interested in making an offer. And if buyers are turned off by something about your home, you won’t know unless you ask for feedback.

Just keep in mind — crafting the right follow up message can be tricky. You don’t want to come off as desperate or suggest that you’re having trouble selling the house. You also don’t want to come across as unreasonable, or make buyers think you’re not open to negotiation.

If the prospect of fielding dozens of conversations with prospective buyers seems intimidating, you may benefit from expert help. A good realtor will be a pro at communicating with prospective buyers and other realtors, helping you make the most of every interaction.

Getting Buyers’ Information at Your Open House

Unless you actively gather prospective buyers’ contact information, following up with them will be virtually impossible.

On the day of your open house, create a sign-in sheet and place it in a central location where you can easily direct buyers’ attention.

Your open house sign-in sheet should have spaces for the buyer to write:

  • The date

  • Their name and their agent’s name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

Then, when the showing is done, send buyers a short, friendly, and direct email. (You can also call, but we recommend emails since they are less intrusive.) If you don’t hear back right away, we suggest following up after one week.

On the off-chance that a buyer prefers phone calls to emails, leave your number in your signature and note that you’d be happy to talk on the phone.

5 Email Templates to Send the Day After a Showing

Buyers may still be considering your property within 24 hours of a showing. Your home will still be on their mind, and they’re bound to have some questions if they’re interested.

If you’re struggling to find the right words, try using one of the five templates below. Be sure to leave your full contact information at the end of the email. Adding a link to your MLS listing or other online listing is also a good idea!

Subject Line: Thanks for coming!

Hi (Name),

Thanks for checking out (address)! I hope you liked it. If you did, please let me know what questions you may have about the property or the neighborhood. I’ve lived here for (x) years and I’ve loved my time here. You will too!

Subject Line: (Address) may not be available for much longer!

Hi (Name),

Thank you for coming to my house at (address). It’s a great home and it won’t stay on the market for long! If you have any questions about the home, send them my way and I’d be happy to answer them while I’m still fielding offers.

Subject Line: Have more questions about (address)? Let me know!

Hi (Name),

Thank you for coming to (address) yesterday! My name is (your name) and I’ve lived in this house for (x) years and in (city or town) for (x) years. I wanted to make myself available for questions if you had any.

P.S. The home is great for (add a feature here — for example, if the backyard is good for dogs because the neighbors also have friendly pets, or kids because there are young kids on the block).

Subject Line: Home shopping is overwhelming! Did you have any follow-up questions for (address)?

Hi (Name),

Thanks for checking out (address)! I hope you got a good feel for the property, but I know home shopping can be overwhelming. Did you have any questions or concerns about the home? Or anything you may have forgotten to check for? Let me know, I’d be happy to answer or schedule another showing just for you!

Subject Line: Want to take a better look at (address)?

Hi (Name),

Thanks for checking out (address) during the open house yesterday! It was great meeting you.

I’m looking for some quick feedback — what did you think of the home? Did the open house go smoothly for you? If you’re interested in seeing the property again, I’d be happy to make myself available to give you a tour — or just get out of your way while you take another look.

5 Email Templates to Send One Week After a Showing

If a buyer hasn’t made an offer within five to seven days of seeing your property, they’re probably not interested — so you may get more negative than positive feedback. Your subject lines here should be catchy, since your home won’t be on the top of their mind.

Still, negative feedback can be incredibly valuable for sellers who are struggling to find their home’s next owner. You might be unaware of an issue that can be easily resolved before your next open house. For example, if your home seems too dark and gloomy to prospective buyers, simply scrubbing your windows and adding a few mirrors may have a noticeable impact!

You may even want to prod some of these buyers for an offer just to see what’s out there, especially if you haven’t had many.

Subject line: Thanks for visiting (address)! Would you mind giving me some feedback?

Hi (Name),

Thanks so much for visiting my home at (address). As the home seller, I’m trying to gauge what buyers liked and didn’t like about the house. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you respond and drop me a few lines about what you thought of the home? Don’t worry, I won’t take your dislikes personally!

Subject line: What was your LEAST favorite thing about last week’s open house?

Hi (Name),

Thanks for checking out (address) last week. Would you mind sharing some honest feedback about what you loved, or even hated, about the house? Be honest, I have thick skin!

Subject Line: Thinking of making an offer?

Hi (Name),

I was curious as to whether you are thinking about writing an offer on my home, or if you have made an offer on another home. If you’ve decided to go with another house, would you be kind enough to tell me which one and why?

Subject Line: Looking to sell soon!

Hi (Name),

Thanks for coming over to (address) last week and checking out my home. I’m looking to sell in the next few weeks, and was wondering if you had any lasting impressions about the home. If you made an offer on another house, could you tell me why?

Subject Line: Still on the fence about (address)?

Hi (Name),

Thanks for coming to my open house at (address) last week. I was wondering what you thought about the property and how it stacked up to the competition. Do you feel that it was priced right, and within your budget?

Follow-up Tips

During subsequent follow-up emails, you may find out information about if a buyer passed on your home and why.

If you can figure out why they preferred another home to yours, that’s great information. It’s also important to ask these no-longer-potential-buyers about how they felt about your home’s price.

Pricing a home correctly can be a tough task. In a 2022 Clever Data Center study of 1,000 home sellers, 20% of those selling FSBO said pricing their house correctly was the hardest part. Another 10% said negotiation was the most difficult task.

Pricing and negotiation can be tough as a FSBO seller, especially if you’re dealing with buyers’ agents who have more experience.

FAQs About Open House Follow Up Emails

Should you have an open house sign-in sheet?

While it’s not required, an open house sign-in sheet is recommended for home sellers. It will help you keep track of how many people have seen your property and when, as well as allow you to contact potential buyers with follow-up emails.

What should you say in an open house follow-up email?

Sellers should gauge the buyer’s potential interest while also getting feedback about the home itself. Some buyers won’t be interested but can give you some great information about what they liked (or didn’t like) about the home, which can help you make a future sale. Read 10 expertly crafted templates to get inspiration!

What should I say in an open house thank you card?

Open house thank you notes can be a simple “Thanks for coming to our open house!” signed with your name and address. You may also want to include a picture of the property. These notes can be sent digitally (over text or email) or physically handed out during an open house. You can also thank visitors in a follow-up email — check out these 10 templates.

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