Tips for a successful home showing

By Home Bay

Posted on July 20th, 2016

Wondering what it takes to pull off a successful home showing? Learning how to prepare, what to expect and what buyers want will give you the confidence you need to do just that.

Before the showing

  • Focus on curb appeal

    When buyers pull up to your home, they form an opinion of your property. Make sure you've cleaned up your driveway and walkways, mowed any grass, trimmed any overgrown plants, etc.

  • Clean your home

    Remove clutter, store any items you're not using and make sure you've dusted, swept and cleaned the rugs. Pretend like you're about to host a big gathering and prepare your home to the standards you would if you were inviting in friends and family.
  • Remove or lock up your valuables

    When people walk through your home, they're going to look in your closets and open your drawers. Make sure any valuable or sentimental items are locked up or stored off the premises.
  • Consider your safety

    Your safety should always be a top concern when you show your property. Don't schedule one-on-one showings with a potential buyer. Instead, always request that they have their buyer's agent with them. You can also install a lockbox and can allow buyer's agents to show the home on your behalf.

During the tour

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