5 Simple Listing Photography Tips for Sellers

By Home Bay

Posted on October 20th, 2014

Taking photos of your home can be tricky - but there are a few key things you can do to prepare to make sure your photos turn out great. Read on for five simple photo prep tips for home sellers.

Master Bedroom
  1. Use natural light:
    Open blinds and curtains and shoot during the time of day your home is most filled with light.
  2. Clean, clean, clean:
    Put away laundry, fold blankets, vacuum rugs, clean windows and oven doors to remove streaks and remove crumbs from counters and tables.
  3. Declutter:
    Let the buyer see you home's features without distraction. Put away any toys, trophies or other personal items. Ensure there are no dishes in the sink or towels on the bathroom counter. Remove anything else that doesn't absolutely need to be in the photo.
  4. Stage each room:
    Make your bed, fluff pillows, organize book shelves, and rearrange furniture to create more space. In the bathroom, open the shower curtain, close the toilet lid and fold the hand towels.
  5. Create curb appeal:
    Clean the yard, trim plants, move cars and trash cans and find your home's most attractive angle.

Follow these super simple listing photography tips to make sure your listing photos make your home look as fabulous as it is! Having professional photos taken? Use our photo prep checklist.

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