MLS Definitions: Parking Garage Features

By Home Bay

Posted on January 9th, 2015

Part of the required MLS form asks sellers to list which parking garage features apply to their property. Here's a look at each of the options and definitions for each.


  • Assigned:
    Specific parking spots are granted to each unit and each spot is marked accordingly.

  • Attached:
    The garage is physically attached to the home.

  • Converted:
    The garage is used for some other purpose, such as an office or guest space.

  • Detached:
    The garage is not attached to the main home.

  • Gated:
    Vehicles can only enter the garage by first opening a gate, usually electronic.

  • Tandem:
    One car parks behind the other, as opposed to side-by-side parking.

  • Underground:
    Parking is beneath the home or building.

More than one of these may apply to your parking and you can check as many options as are applicable.

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