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Posted on October 4th, 2019


California law requires that all new and replacement water heaters and existing residential water heaters be braced, anchored or strapped to resist falling or horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion. The minimum standard for this security is set forth in the California Plumbing Code, which may be more restrictively amended by

local or municipal code or ordinance. Therefore, it is important to check with local city or county building and safety departments regarding the applicable water heater bracing, anchoring or strapping requirements for your property.


Seller represents that the Property, as of the Close Of Escrow, will be in compliance with Health and Safety Code ยง19211 by having the water heater(s) braced, anchored or strapped in place, in accordance with the law.

Seller____________________________ Date_________________

Seller____________________________ Date_________________

Buyer acknowledges receipt of this statement as of the date written below.

Buyer____________________________ Date_________________

Buyer____________________________ Date_________________

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