Why & How to Use a Lockbox

By Home Bay

Posted on April 13th, 2015

A lockbox is a small key safe that allows you to show your home to prospective buyers without having to be there yourself. Read on for some FAQs on how and why you should use one to simplify your home showings.


  1. Should you use a lockbox?

    Unless it makes you uncomfortable, yes. Making your home more accessible to agents can increase your showings and therefore the number of offers you receive. It's also more convenient for you.

  2. Is it safe to use a lockbox?

    When your property is listed on the MLS, your showing instructions and lockbox location are listed under confidential remarks that only agents can view. Agents must then call you for the lockbox code, which gives you the opportunity to interview them before granting access. You will know who is showing your home and can choose whether or not you need to be there.

  3. How do they work?

    The lockbox can be attached to a door knob, water pipe, railing or other secure position on the exterior or your home. You set your own combination and place your house key inside.

  4. What kind should I get?

    Master Lock's 5400D is a 4-digit combo lockbox that can fit up to 5 keys, and is widely used by real estate agents and property managers. You can purchase this lockbox online through the manufacturer or Amazon.

    Kidde AccessPoint is a popular push button lockbox that allows you to use each number once, setting a combo of one to ten digits. It is also available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

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