13 Unique Home Seller Marketing Ideas for 2016

By Home Bay

Posted on August 17th, 2016

Selling your own home is an exciting process – but some homeowners get a little stressed when they start to think about what it’s going to take to market their listing effectively. This post will make sure you’re off and running with thirteen excellent ways to market your home.

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  1. Local MLS:
    Getting your home listed on the local MLS is always a good starting point when you decide to list. By doing so, your listing will be syndicated out to other local real estate sites and will be visible to local buyer’s agents.

  2. Real estate sites:
    You should also make sure your listing is active on popular consumer real estate sites like Trulia, Zillow and Redfin. Doing so will help you reach more buyers searching for the perfect property in your neighborhood.

  3. Put out a yard sign:
    For sale signs are often overlooked, but posting a sign in your lawn is beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, it helps buyers find your property when they come to take a look at it. It also creates stop-by traffic and gets neighbors talking about your listing and sharing it with their contacts, increasing your chances of connecting with the perfect buyer.

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  4. Facebook:
    Your friends are already on Facebook – talking about their lives, sharing photos of their dog and looking to see what their friends are up to. Post your listing, tag #yourcity to get more engagement. Then, ask your friends to share with their networks to target high-quality potential buyers. Check out this post for more pointers!

  5. Small local newspapers:
    The classifieds still have plenty of readers, and it’s usually very affordable to place ads in local publications. Some even allow you to list for free online! Research which local daily or weekly papers get the best readership and consider promoting your listing to your neighbors.

  6. Pinterest:
    This is a great spot to do some visual advertising. Pin beautiful pictures of your home and its best features and ask your friends to re-pin your posts and share them with others. Make sure you use descriptive language in your title and description so anyone searching for homes in your area will find your listing!

  7. Craigslist:
    Craigslist is hugely popular place for potential buyers to search for available listings. The site lets you add lots of photos, include tons of details on your property, promote open houses and much more. When you set up you’re listing, use the masking tool to make sure your reachable but can keep your contact information private.

  8. Google+:
    Many social networkers tend to prefer one network over another, so make sure you don’t neglect your friends who are more active on Google+. Share your listing, encourage your friends to share with their network and let people know how to reach you to schedule a showing.

  9. NextDoor:
    As the social network for neighbors and neighborhoods, it’s the ideal place to advertise your home. Having an open house? Let everyone in your neighborhood know about it. You might be surprised to see who shows up.

  10. Twitter:
    Love to tweet? Have lots of local followers? Post links to your listings with snippets about what makes it so great. Be sure to use #yourcity #homeforsale or other relevant tags to reach your target audience and encourage followers to retweet your listings to maximize your exposure.

  11. Local businesses where people hang out:
    Just like libraries, local restaurants and coffee shops often have boards where you can post a listing flyer to share your property with your community.

  12. LinkedIn:
    Make plenty of connections Keep an eye out for those in your networks who may be looking to buy a home. Even if your immediate connection isn’t looking to buy, their daughter, friend or niece might be. You never know who will see your listing so it’s always smart to cover all your bases!

With so many simple ways to market your home, you’ll be scheduling showings in no time!

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