3 California Back Yard Ideas to Liven Up Your Landscape

By Craig Donofrio

Posted on August 31st, 2022

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In California, having a great outdoor entertaining space is a must. Of course, outdoor upgrades like deck installation or adding new fencing can be quite expensive. Fortunately, we’ve got a few simple, budget-friendly back yard ideas for California homeowners to upgrade your outdoor living and entertaining space. Check them out!

Edge with Mulch and Bricks

Adding edging and mulch to outdoor gardens (or even around existing trees and shrubs) can make a huge difference in the appearance of your backyard.

Mulch is inexpensive (just a few bucks for a large bag) and easy to spread. Just be sure you place landscaping fabric down first to prevent weed and grass growth. From there, you can lay inexpensive landscaping stones or bricks around the mulched area for a polished look that won’t break the bank.

You can also add some inexpensive solar lights to these areas for ambient lighting at night. Solar lights are also great for placing along pathways.

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Add Privacy to Your Deck or Patio

If you already have a deck or patio space but no privacy fence or shade, save yourself thousands of dollars by creating your own! You can do this using wooden lattice, which you can find inexpensively at your local home improvement supply store. Add it to the sides of your wooden deck and plant ivy that will grow up along the sides to provide additional privacy.

For covered patios and decks, you can also achieve greater privacy by adding a set of roller blinds or shades at a fraction of the price of a full privacy fence or screened-in porch. If you fancy yourself a bit of a woodworker, you also have the option to fashion a DIY fence, as shown above.

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Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits make for a great outdoor entertaining space, allowing friends and loved ones to gather around on cooler nights and enjoy each other’s company. They are extremely simple to install and don’t cost very much money, either. You can add one to an existing patio space or you can create a new seating area in your lawn. Install an in-ground fire pit to create a more permanent space or invest in a tabletop and standalone fire pit as a versatile option that will add some ambiance to your backyard.

With a little money and creativity, you can take your California backyard from boring to beautiful!

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