3 Cheap & Easy Home Repairs for Soon-To-Be Sellers

By Home Bay

Posted on November 7th, 2015

So you decided to sell your house, but as you look around, you start to realize that your space looks, shall we say, heavily lived in. Sound familiar? Well the good news is, there are several cheap, easy ways to give your property a quick makeover before you start parading people through it. The 3 updates listed below will make your space feel new, adding value for buyers without breaking the bank.


3 Cheap & Easy Home Repairs for Sellers:

  1. Fill wall holes:
    As you de-personalize your space, there’s a good chance you’ll end up taking down some photos. Nothing makes a space feel more lived in than unused nails or wall holes that are visible to the naked eye. Don’t just leave them there – patch them! Use wall putty to fill the holes and sand down any rough spots. If you’re not planning on painting, make sure you cover up your patchwork with touch up paint in the same color originally used to paint your walls. Do note that sometimes over time, paint can fade or yellow due to exposure to sunlight and other elements. If it’s been more than a year since you last painted, consider home repair #2.

  2. Paint:
    A Home Bay favorite – it’s relatively cheap, it’s easy and it makes your space look brand new. It’s also a big time saver because you don’t have to scrub all your walls with a magic eraser. Paint will cover up any superficial scrapes and discolorations.Choose a neutral color to appeal to a majority of buyers. If someone walks into a space and sees lime green on the walls, they may get scared about how hard it will be to cover. If they see tan, it’ll be easy to visualize whatever color they love (and neutral walls are easy to update).

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  1. Replace fixture hardware:
    This is a great option if your kitchen or bathroom fixtures are outdated but you don’t want to pay to update them. Replacing fixtures is really expensive, and you most likely won’t make your out-of-pocket cost back on the sale. Save your money!Instead of replacing the whole thing, just replace your fixture hardware with modern hardware prior to listing your property. You can find dozens of options at any local hardware or home improvement store. If you really want to modernize your fixtures, you can also sand off the paint or coating and refinish them with dark wood stain. Finish with varnish for an easy fixture overhaul that will wow buyers and save you fortune.

Incorporate these three home updates into your seller prep to update your home and get more cash for your sale.

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