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3 Most Profitable Types of California Real Estate Investment Properties

3 Most Profitable Types of California Real Estate Investment Properties

There are lots of investment opportunities throughout the state of California, and though owning real estate can be hard work, it’s one of the best ways to ensure long-term financial security. If you are thinking about investing in California real estate, here are some of the most profitable properties you can buy.

  • Commercial Strip Malls
    While not known by the most glamorous name, strip malls are a valuable commodity to invest in throughout California and serve as a great commercial rental opportunity. You have the option of using one of the spaces in the mall for your own business, or you can rent out each space to maximize your profits. Look for an area with good visibility, excellent parking, and easy access for shoppers.

  • Rental Property Complexes
    There are many people in California who choose (or are forced) to live in a rental property, rather than in a house. Look for properties that have a strong rental history and have been properly maintained over the years. Large complexes can be attractive, as long as there are enough amenities to keep tenants happy.

  • Single Condominiums Are a Good Investment
    If you aren’t financially ready to purchase a strip mall or a rental complex, you can a single condominium can be a great starter investment – especially if yu can find one at a popular vacation destination. Look for rentals that are near the ocean and are easily accessible to any beaches. Before you invest, research the neighborhood to make sure the area is safe for tourists, and look into how you can market your condo to renters.

When you’re ready to make a real estate investment in California, it’s time to do some research. Consider the size of your investment, and look for properties that meet your investment goals. Whether you want to start small with a condo or purchase a large apartment complex, there are opportunities for you to consider.

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