3 Really Good Reasons to Sell Your Home with Home Bay

By Home Bay

Posted on May 24th, 2016

Lots of sellers have contemplated selling their own home, but they often hesitate. Why? For a long time, real estate agents were the go-to way to sell because there wasn’t an affordable full service seller option for homeowners. But now, there’s a simpler way to manage your home sale that doesn’t cost a fortune. This post will take a look at three really good reasons to sell your home with Home Bay.


You can save a ton of money:

Normally, sellers pay both the buyer and seller’s agent commission. That means, a whopping 6% of the money you could be making goes “poof” when you sign the closing papers. But – by opting to list your own home, you don’t need to hire a listing agent, which means you get to keep 3% of that 6% fee.

While 3% might not sound like that much money, it sure adds up quickly when you’re calculating that percentage out of hundreds of thousands of dollars! In fact, the average California home seller saves $14,000 by listing their own home, and that’s calculated for a mid-priced home. The money you save can go towards a down payment, getting furniture for your new home, growing your retirement fund, paying for your kid’s college – the options are endless.

The benefits listed above just begin to scratch the surface on all the pros of selling your own property. The truth is, smart sellers have figured it out; there’s never been a better time to sell your own home. Are you next?

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