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3 Reasons Not to Cancel Your Open House on a Rainy Day

3 Reasons Not to Cancel Your Open House on a Rainy Day

You’re finally ready to host your open house! You mowed, dusted, vacuumed, did a little staging and the place looks immaculate. But then you check the weather forecast for Saturday and see that it’s supposed to rain. Great! Now no one is going to come see your house and you just spent all your time working to get ready. Right? Wrong. Read on to find out why.

  1. Fewer people doesn’t mean your open house is less successful:
    The rain probably means you’ll have less traffic on your street, which in turn means your open house turnout will be lower than it would have been on a sunny day. But does the lower turnout mean your open house is an utter failure? No. Because…

  2. You’re more likely to attract serious buyers on a rainy day:
    Is your goal to sell your house or show it to people? You’re looking for the sale! In many cases, a sunny Saturday open house means you get a lot of curious neighbors who aren’t even on the market coming to sneak a peak at your home. That’s where rain actually helps you out!

    98% of buyers use the internet as the primary means of finding a home – and if a serious buyer sees something they like, they’ll make an effort to see it in person as quickly as possible. Because of this, the buyers who are most likely to make an offer will be the most eager to stop by your open house, and a little rain certainly isn’t going to stop them.

  3. You’ll get valuable feedback; even if no one shows up:
    Unless the rain is torrential, having zero visitors at your open house likely means serious buyers aren’t interested in your home. Maybe you have a pricing problem, your property photos could use a little work, or you aren’t marketing your home effectively enough. If it’s just sprinkling outside and you don’t get any visitors, it may be time to evaluate your listing more carefully to see what’s really causing the lack of interest.

So set up an entry way welcome mat, kindly ask people to remove their shoes at the front door, and enjoy connecting with serious buyers at your rainy day open house!

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