3 Season-Specific Seller Tips for Successful Showings

By Home Bay

Posted on April 13th, 2016

Spring is now in full swing, and with a change in seasons comes new considerations for home showings, curb appeal, and maintenance. Put your home’s best features forward year-round with these useful tips.


  1. Prepare for changes in the weather:
    Depending on where you live, different seasons can mean a big change in temperature and weather. It’s important to make sure that prospective buyers feel comfortable inside your home no matter what the season, and there are several things that you can do to prepare.

    Keep an eye on the indoor temperature year-round — is it too hot or cold? If so, adjust accordingly with fans, air conditioning, space heaters or a fire in the fireplace so visitors can focus on other features of the home. During rainy seasons, have an umbrella stand and coat rack available by the front door for guests. Put a mat just inside your front door so home shoppers can wipe their feet if it’s damp or snowy outside. Also consider going above and beyond by providing a hot cup of tea for chilly days or a refreshing glass of lemonade as the weather warms up.

  2. Keep up with lawn care for maximum curb appeal:
    Spring and summer are ideal times for showcasing a home’s curb appeal. During these seasons, weeding, lawn care and outdoor yard maintenance should be a priority. Tasteful plantings and thoughtful landscaping can take a home’s outdoor appeal to the next level.

    In the fall, rake leaves, prune trees and change your plantings to those that are suited to colder weather. Make sure to clean up outdoor fire pits, pool areas and patios so that they look tidy during home showings. Also, avoid going overboard with outdoor decorations for Halloween and other holidays.

    Even though it’s not traditionally a prime home-buying season, some of your best offers can come during the the coldest months of the year. Still, it’s tempting to neglect curb appeal in cold winter months when your lawn is covered in snow – but you shouldn’t. To prepare for potential buyers, clear snow from sidewalks and driveways prior to showings and open houses and put down salt to melt any ice. If you’re in a warmer climate, continue to make sure that foliage is neatly pruned and lawn care is immaculate.

  3. Bring nature indoors to reflect the season:
    Make prospective buyers feel right at home with a little d?cor that reflects the changing seasons. Brighten up bedrooms and living areas in the spring and summer with fresh bouquets of garden flowers. In the fall, small gourds and colorful leaves are a great way to showcase the season, while pine cones and evergreen branches give your home a warm, welcoming feel during winter months.

With a little thoughtful preparation, you can create a warm welcome for visitors, regardless of the temperature outside.

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