3 Ways to Make Sure Homebuyers Can Reach You

By Home Bay

Posted on October 18th, 2016

Communication is critical when you list your home. That’s why making sure buyers know how to connect with you is extremely important. Follow these three tips to make sure your contact information is readily available so that potential buyers have no problem getting in touch.


  1. Use dedicated accounts:
    Set up a dedicated email address and a dedicated phone number (Google Voice is free) that you can use for all your home sale correspondence. This will ensure your messages are organized, potential buyer information is easy to access and emails aren’t overlooked in a sea of unimportant junk mail. Also, as you search for a buyer be sure to prioritize these accounts to make sure you’re responding quickly to inquiries.

  2. Include contact info anywhere you can:
    There are some rules on where you can and can’t display your contact information. For example, sites like Zillow and Trulia don’t allow you to put your contact info on your listing because agents pay money to advertise their business on the site. However, there’s no need to worry.

    If a buyer is serious enough to consider putting in an offer, they are most likely already working with a buyer’s agent. In that case, their agent is the go-to person they’ll contact if they want to schedule a showing at any property they find on a real estate site. In your MLS listing, there’s a section that has instructions on who to contact to request a showing. Your contact information will be listed there so the agent knows to get in touch with you.

    On another note, if you have any additional printable fliers, sign riders or advertisements, prominently display your contact information on each. Also, be sure to list your email, phone number and your name so buyers have multiple ways to reach you.

  3. Work with a comprehensive seller platform:
    As mentioned above, not every real estate platform makes it easy for home buyers to reach you – but Home Bay does! Our listing pages are fully optimized to make sure it’s super easy for buyers to get in touch with any questions, to request showings or even to submit an offer. View more listings.

Follow these simple steps to simplify managing correspondence with potential buyers and streamline your home sale.

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