4 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Home Listing

By Home Bay

Posted on January 25th, 2016

You say, “I want to sell my home fast.” But are you doing the top four things you need to do to market your home? Read on to find out.


  1. Get on the MLS:

    By far, the most important thing you can do to market your home is to get it on the MLS. Once you’re on the MLS, your home automatically gets fed to hundreds or thousands of real estate listing websites. Since almost all buyers start their home search on the internet, getting on the MLS will make sure they can find you. List with us to add your for sale by owner listing to the MLS for free – only pay if your sale closes!

  2. Put a for sale sign in front of your house:

    As more elaborately explained in this post, having a for sale sign in front of your home is a highly effective means of finding the person who ultimately buys your home. And having a for sale sign costs you little or nothing. People out scouting neighborhoods for homes are looking for signs. List with us and get one for free!

  3. Share your listing with your network:

    As explained in this post many buyers find the home they ultimately purchase through a social connection. The buyer for your home may very well be a friend, or even a friend of a friend. Make sure your friends know your home is for sale by sharing your listing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email. Also be sure to ask your friends to share with their friends for additional exposure!

  4. Get your listing on Zillow and Trulia.

    Most MLS boards automatically feed to Zillow and Trulia. Combined, Zillow and Trulia have over 140 million unique visitors per month. One of these visitors may be the buyer of your home! If you list with Home Bay, we put you on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and more!

    Are there other places you can promote your listing?

    Sure! You could invest in Google Adwords, host open houses, hire someone to put together a print flyer or take out a newspaper ads if you like. However, studies consistently show that these forms of promotion are much less effective in finding a buyer than the four options listed above (and they can cost you a small fortune).

Take action on the four key listing promotions outlined in this post to make sure you’re reaching as many potential buyers as possible!

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