4 Ways to Get a Cheap or Free Real Estate Offer Form

By Home Bay

Posted on January 5th, 2016

When you’re selling a property, trying to find a free, high quality real estate offer form can be frustrating. Though a simple search will yield lots of results, you don’t want to haphazardly choose a form. Why? Because you need to make sure your offer form is tailored to your city or state and that it’s comprehensive, organized and professionally written.


Luckily, we can tell you exactly how to find the perfect, high-quality offer form that will suit your real estate needs!

  1. Ask a realtor:

    • How to get a copy:
      If you are friends with an agent, ask if they can provide you with the form. If you’re not friend with an agent, ask your friends if they’re connected to one. Almost everyone knows an agent and can connect you.
    • Benefit:
      You’ll have a professional form that’s free and relatively easy to get a copy of.
    • Downside:
      Often it’s not possible for agents to print a blank form. For example, California agents can only print or email an offer form that contains both parties names and addresses. If you’re planning on managing the transaction yourself, this can be a challenge because the agent isn’t going to want to create a customized offer form for you unless they’re getting a commission. In most cases, the form will also be branded with the agent’s brokerage information and you won’t be able to remove it.With these limitations, if this free option doesn’t work for you, read on!
  2. Contact your local realtor association:

    • How to Get a Copy:
      Google your local association, such as the San Diego realtor association. You’ll be able to find their contact information. Look for a phone number for your local office, give them a call and ask whether they have printed forms for sale. Often, they’ll be willing to sell you a copy for as little as $20.
    • Benefit:
      You know the document will be comprehensive and professional since it’s written by the association responsible for real estate transactions in your area.
    • Downside:
      These organizations offer paper forms, not digital forms, which is less convenient for both the buyer and seller. If convenience is important to you, see option 4 below.
  3. Do a targeted Google search:

    • How to get a copy:
      First, you’ll want to identify the name of the form itself. For example, if you’re a California homeowner, go to Google and type in “California residential purchase agreement.” The first result is a link
    • Benefit:
      If you’re lucky, you may be able to find what you’re looking for quickly (and for free!) without having to go through an agent or association.
    • Downside:
      Often the most updated versions of the form are stamped “DRAFT.” This is the local realtor association’s attempt to protect forms from being openly traded on the internet. That said, you may need to spend a little time digging deep into your search results to find a non-draft copy of the form.
  4. Use a FSBO empowerment service like Home Bay:
    If you list your property with Home Bay, a buyer easily can make a free offer on the proper form.

    • How it works:
      It’s digital and simple. Our software asks the buyer a series of questions, such as when do you intend to close and how much of a down payment are you putting down? Once the buyer answers these questions (approximately 15 in total), the software generates an offer.

    • Benefit:
      The seller receives the offer via email. After the offer is submitted, it’s analyzed by the software and the seller is notified if the buyer is asking for anything unusual. For example, if the buyer is asking the seller to pay all of escrow fees in an area where escrow fees are usually split, the software will flag the request.

      Then, the parties can click to counter until an agreeable price is reached. All signatures are submitted electronically.

      Home Bay makes real estate transactions much easier for both parties and saves the seller thousands of dollars by eliminating expensive listing agent commissions.

    • Downside:
      You’ll have to determine what to do with the time and money you save.

The real estate industry doesn’t make it easy to find a free real estate offer form, but hopefully the above tips will set you up for success. If you do snag a copy of your area’s offer form, share it in the comments below!

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