5 Must-Know House Hunting Tips for Parents

By Home Bay

Posted on July 29th, 2022

House hunting with your spouse is tough enough, but for families with young children, there are so many more things you need to consider. But what should you be looking for if you have (or are planning on having) kids? Read on for house hunting tips for your growing family.


  1. Take notes on the placement of a master bedroom:
    The placement of the master bedroom is a key part of feeling comfortable in a home with small children. The ideal floor plan will have the master bedroom on the same floor as other rooms in the home. As a general rule, you want to room near the nursery for easy access or near a child’s room while they are very young. A single-story split floor plan that allows mom, dad and baby to have some privacy can also be an excellent option, especially as your little one gets older.

  2. Give preference to kitchens with tall counters:
    Young children are naturally curious, and the kitchen is full of things that can cause owies. That’s why tall counters can be a great asset for a family with small kids. You’ll have more time to react if your curious little one reaches for something sharp or hot. And even better, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your kiddos won’t be able to reach dangerous objects until they are old enough to understand the risks.

  3. Look an open main living area with clear sight lines:
    An open floor plan is the foundation of a child-friendly home. You want an open space that has a clear line of sight into different areas of the home. For example, you want to see the living area clearly from the kitchen or dining space. This layout allows you to watch your child while you cook or work on a project.

  4. Make sure there’s plenty of play space:
    If you’re a childless couple, you’re almost definitely underestimating the amount of stuff that comes along with having a little one. Toys, play mats, walkers, swings – the list goes on and on! If your home is a good size, but the main living areas don’t have much “extra” space that could be used as a play area, you’re most likely going to feel cramped pretty quickly. Look for things like a small nook in the living room, an extra large dining space or a sunroom near the kitchen. The goal is to find enough extra room to set up a safe play space in areas where it’s easy to keep an eye on your little ones.

Everyone’s needs are different, but these house hunting tips for parents should help you spot features in a home that will make it a great place to build lots of memories with your growing family.

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