5 Reasons Home Bay is The Best Home Seller Solution on The Market

By Home Bay

Posted on April 6th, 2016

Most buyers opt to work with a real estate agent, but these days – more and more homeowners are choosing to sell their own property. In fact, recent stats show that nearly 1/3 of all sellers are going the FSBO route – a decision that saves them a ton of money. But money savings aren’t the only benefit, especially if you work with Home Bay. Here are five really good reasons to consider using Home Bay to sell your own home.


  1. We offer the most comprehensive and affordable home seller service on the market:
    Before Home Bay launched, FSBO sellers had the option to use an MLS flat fee service, discount brokerage or a FSBO service provider to manage the sale. All three are very different, and all have dramatically different price tags and service structures. But now, Home Bay provides a fourth option that’s perfect for savvy sellers looking for an affordable, easy way to manage their selling experience. So what makes Home Bay different than the other options and why is it better?

    Home Bay provides sellers with:

  2. You get expert real estate support at an affordable price:
    You don’t have to hire a brokerage to seller support. Instead, our team of real estate experts and Transaction Coordinators (TCs) will help you through all the complex parts of your sale. There are lots of benefits of hiring a TC. They act as your liason, manage deadlines, complete paperwork and help you through the selling process, step by step.

    Home Bay offers a comprehensive, single fee home sales, perfect for any seller seeking the peace of mind you get by having an expert guide the sale. Learn more about our services to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

  3. Technology simplifies the entire listing process:
    The home selling process used to be very challenging for sellers looking to save money because sellers didn’t have access to the same things that agents did. But, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to advances in technology. selling your own home is much easier today.

    You can build a listing, complete with a fantastic description and excellent listing photos, in just a few minutes. You can list your own home on the MLS (and Home Bay will syndicate it with dozens of popular real estate sites and local agent sites). You can promote your listing to generate buyer traffic. And Home Bay makes all of it easy by helping you along the way and guiding you through the process.

  4. You can negotiate like a pro with expert advice:
    One of the most stressful parts of selling your own home is managing the offer and negotiation process. With Home Bay, you’ll have the confidence to negotiate just like an agent would! Our software evaluates every single offer that comes in and gives you expert advice on the best way to respond to negotiate the best final sale price. Our system is also designed to flag any unusual buyer requests and provide information on how to address them. Last but certainly not least, our support team is on-call to answer any questions you have during offer negotiations or at any other point in the process. Now that’s stress-free selling!

  5. You save a ton of money:
    Money savings is often the most compelling reason sellers decide to sell their home without an agent. But how do you save? First, if you hire a listing agent, you’re looking at giving away 3% of your final sale price in commission (6% when you add in the 3% you have to give to your buyer’s agent). If you work with a discount brokerage, you may be able to get the seller commission down to 2%, but that’s still a lot of cash when you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    With Home Bay’s home seller service you pay one low rate fee when you sell, making it the most affordable option with the most cost savings (and most comprehensive service) for sellers. Our clients typically save anywhere between 14k-35k, depending on the final sale price of their home.

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