5 Reasons Summer Is a Great Time to Sell Your House

By Home Bay

Posted on September 7th, 2016

Spring might be the busiest season for buying and selling homes but summer is no slouch when it comes to selling, either. If you’re looking to sell, putting your house on the market in the summer months offers several advantages. Let’s take a look at what they are.


  • School’s Out:
    Ask anyone who’s been the “new kid at school,” and they’ll tell you that moving in the middle of the academic year stinks. Not only do you have to leave all of your friends and try to make new ones, you also risk being behind or ahead in your academic studies. Parents know changing schools at the beginning of the year is still tough, but it’s a lot easier than making the switch mid-semester. That’s why families who need to move often prefer to buy and get settled in the summer, before the school year starts up again.

  • There’s More Daylight:
    Additional hours of daylight means your house has more time to look its best. If prospective buyers come to look at your home after work on a weekday, chances are they will see it when the sun is still out. They will get to appreciate how much natural light comes in the home and how much sun the front yard and backyard get.

  • Better Pricing for Sellers:
    A primary influence on the price of your home is the price of other homes that have recently sold in your area. In the summer, you can take advantage having access to more data because there are a greater number of comperable homes to check out. You can also price your home more aggressively when demand is up and more buyers are out hunting than you can in the fall or winter.

  • More Demand:
    More people might put their houses on the market in the spring and summer, but more people are also looking for homes during those months. Plus, people looking for a home in summer are often very serious about moving, and moving quickly. That means you’re likely to get a competitive offer from a buyer who needs to be in a new home as soon as possible.

While pros and cons exist to selling at any time of the year, summer can be an optimal season for selling if you hope to make a quick sale and still get the best possible price for your property.

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