5 Reasons to Ignore Blogs That Tell You Not to Sell Your Own Home

By Home Bay

Posted on March 1st, 2017

If you search for posts on FSBO or for sale by owner, many of the top results will say things like, “Under NO Circumstances Should You EVER Sell Your Own Home – Here’s Why.” Well, we’re here to tell you that under no circumstances should you take those blog posts to heart – and here’s why!


  1. Most of the fear mongering comes from real estate agents and brokerages:
    The real estate industry is changing fast, and agents are scared that their value is diminishing because, well – it is! That’s why you’re seeing more and more fear-inducing blog posts aimed at sellers that describe all the ways you’ll ruin your life if you try to sell your own home. The truth is, because of advances in technology and service providers like Home Bay, sellers are now empowered to take control of their own sale – and that’s exciting, not scary. Now let’s take a look at how, specifically, the real estate industry tries to scare you off.

  2. They make it sound like you’ll have to manage the whole sale on your own – but you won’t:
    If you’ve never sold a home before, it can be intimidating. But remember, in most states, a real estate agent can get licensed in weeks – so a new agent doesn’t really have any more experience than you do. More importantly, most FSBO sellers don’t take on the process alone. While not all for sale by owner services are created equal (some provide a lot more support than others), they all provide some level of guidance throughout the sale.

    For example, sellers who list with Home Bay have the support of real estate experts, a broker with tons of experience, a transaction coordinator who manages the whole sale, and a support team that’s available to answer questions – seven days a week. We know all sellers are different and have different experience levels, so we let you call the shots! We’re happy to give you as little or as much guidance as you need. The bottom line is, reality is far from the scary, lonely experience anti-FSBO posts paint.

  3. You’ll read that if you’re not a pro marketer, you’ll fail – but that’s not true:
    Scare posts will try to convince you that you’re absolutely incapable of marketing your listing effectively, but that’s simply not the case. Regardless of how you sell, as long as your home is listed on the MLS, it will automatically be published on local agent sites and on popular real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia. Just taking that one step guarantees that buyers will see your listing. Many home shoppers even get email notifications each time a new listing that matches their search criteria hits the market in their target area.

    To capture the attention of additional buyers, we also suggest you have professional listing photos taken (we pay for them for all of our sellers) and put a for sale sign in your yard to capture drive-by home shoppers. Easy peasy!

    Of course, there are lots of other things you can do to get more exposure for your home, like promoting it on social media sites or participating in real estate caravans. It can be a good idea to try some of these other tactics if buyer interest is low. But, listing your home and posting it on popular sites is all that a lot of agents, brokers and FSBO services do! Why? Because stats show, time and time again, that most buyers either find their home online or find it via a yard sign. So if you don’t have a masters in real estate marketing, don’t worry. Marketing your home isn’t as complex as it may seem on the surface.


    Get professional listing photos and for sale sign free when you list with us. Learn more.

  4. Scare posts try to convince you that you’ll lose money – but you won’t:
    Once again, the argument comes into play that you’re totally inexperienced and are destined to fail miserably at securing a healthy final sale price for your home. But again, you won’t be doing this on your own. You’ll be working with real estate experts who teach you how to price competitively in order to get more money at closing than you would have had if you worked with an agent.

    In fact, a recent video from the authors of Freakonomics explains why FSBO sellers often make* more* at closing than sellers who work with an agent. Consider, too, the scare-tactic posts entirely ignore the fact that you’re not paying a 2-3% listing agent estate agent commission when you sell your own home, which literally saves you thousands and thousands of dollars. So this particular scare tactic is utter nonsense.

  5. You’ll hear about how hard it is to manage the nightmare-inducing paperwork – but you won’t have to do that either:
    Finally, a post we recently saw said selling your own home has gotten a lot harder because there’s more paperwork – and that’s just not true. There may be more documents, but real estate transactions are now highly digitized and form based. If you’re comfortable checking your email and e-signing a document (…or fifty), you’re going to be just fine.

    And sorry to be a broken record here, but again, you won’t be handling your sale alone. When you list, you’ll get help with paperwork and have a point of contact who can answer transaction questions from agents, mortgage brokers, and lenders. At Home Bay, we assign a transaction coordinator to every seller and they handle all the paperwork, keep you in the loop and keep the sale on track.

To sum it all up, these scare posts are just plain silly. Most of them approach FSBO sales as if the seller is planning to run off on their own and try to sell a home, even though that is rarely, if ever, the case. Our advice? Ignore them.

If you decide NOT to not sell your own home and would like to work with us, we’d welcome the opportunity. We offer top notch support and don’t charge a commission. Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pitch. But seriously, we’re pretty great. Check out what our recent sellers have to say!

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