5 Reasons to Try Zillow Instant Offers

By Home Bay

Posted on June 5th, 2017

Zillow stunned the real estate world this week by announcing the Zillow Instant Offers program. This new program is designed to make home sales quick and easy for homeowners by eliminating agents. Yes, you read that right. Keep reading for more information on how it works, along with 5 reasons you should try Zillow Instant Offers:


5 Reasons to Try Zillow Instant Offers

  1. You have nothing to lose:
    The program is free to participate in and you have no obligation to accept any offers you receive. The way it works is your home is listed among others in a database frequented by the country’s largest real estate investors. To list your home, you answer a few questions and upload a couple photos. Once listed, investors will be notified that your home is available. They’ll have the opportunity to make an offer, sight unseen. There’s no financial risk to you.

  2. It’s the fastest way to sell:
    Forget about waiting on paperwork for months. With the Zillow Instant Offers, you have the potential to be able to trade your keys for cash in a matter of days. This program is restricted to cash buyers, which makes it a great option for anyone seeking a quick, convenient sale. If you accept an offer, your purchaser has 24 hours to complete their inspections, and the sale closes shortly thereafter.

  3. You can save massive amounts of money:
    Normally, you pay 3% of your final home sale price to your listing agent and 3% to your buyer’s agent, which means 6% of your money gets eaten by agent commissions. Painful! With Zillow Instant Offers, real estate commissions could be eliminated, at least on the listing agent side, which means all that money stays in your pocket. Being able to keep tens of thousands of extra dollars is a game changer, especially if you have little equity in your home or if you are saving for a down payment or retirement.

  4. It’s the most convenient way to sell:
    Who wants to invite a salesperson into their house to talk about listing it? Worse yet, who wants to show their home to looky-loo buyers for weeks or maybe even months? With Zillow Instant Offers, you don’t have to deal with agents, open houses or showings because you’re only marketing to investors offering cash. That means no constant cleaning, no back-and-forth negotiations and no waiting on loan approval.

  5. Your home sale is private:
    Homeowners often get self-conscious about having a For Sale sign in their yard and having nosy neighbors ask why they’re selling and where they’re moving. The Zillow Instant Offers program eliminates these common nuisances. No one other than you, your buyer and whomever manages your paperwork will know that your home is for sale. You have the luxury of privately exchanging cash for keys, which is an especially big benefit if you’re selling for personal reasons you’d rather not discuss.

Right now, the Zillow Instant Offers program is only available in select areas. However, other similar programs are available nationwide. If you’re looking for additional options, do a quick google search for “buy homes for cash” services in your city or zip code.

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