5 Things You Should Secure Before Home Showings

By Home Bay

Posted on April 12th, 2017

One of the toughest parts of preparing for home showings is knowing that strangers will be walking through your home. But with a little planning and a game plan on what to do with your valuables, you can make sure all your sensitive information and prized possessions make it through unscathed. Keep reading to learn what you should lock up or take with you before showings.


  • Valuables:
    Items like jewelry, coins, cash or one-of-a-kind collectibles should always be secured before you have buyers tour your home. This is especially important for anything that has significant sentimental value or anything that isn’t insured by your homeowner’s policy.

  • Sentimental Items or Heirlooms:
    These items don’t necessarily have a high monetary value, but they are important to you and your family. If you have a treasured antique or any item that you’d be sad to lose, add it to your “lock it up” list.

  • Portable Devices:
    Portable electronic devices, like a phones, tablets or laptops are easy to swipe and are expensive to replace. In many cases, they also contain a good amount of sensitive and personal information.

  • Sensitive Documents:
    This can include things like your passport, birth certificate, social security card or credit card statements. It can also include any work documents that have confidential or proprietary information on them. You may not necessarily want to take these with you, but you should at least make sure they are stored somewhere out of sight in your home. Make sure it’s a place that buyers aren’t likely to look or go.

  • Personal Photos:
    Photos aren’t so much a theft risk, but removing them from the walls before you show your home is a good practice all the same. Why? Because if potential buyers can see your family and memories all over the walls, they are going to have a harder time visualizing their life in your home.

Where Should You Stow Your Belongings?

If you have a safe, lock up your most prized heirlooms and valuable items before you leave the house. If you don’t have a safe, a locked closet can be a good alternative. Just keep in mind that buyers won’t be able to look inside. For more security, you can install a smart lock and program it to only open for you.

If you’d rather have everything out of the house, you can pack a suitcase with all your most important and sensitive items and take it with you in the car. You could also make space for it in the garage or ask if you can temporarily store it at a trusted neighbors’ house.

Whatever the case, being organized, having a plan and coming up with a system that works for you will keep your property secure and take the stress of showing your home!

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