5 Easy Ways to Save Money to Invest in Real Estate

By Home Bay

Posted on February 15th, 2016

It’s expensive to invest in real estate. Whether you are looking to buy and improve homes to sell or you want to become a property owner managing tenants, there’s always an up front cost. So how can you save enough cash to get your investments started without changing your standard of living? All it takes is a little smart thinking, dedication and the right tools. Let’s look at a few hassle-free ways you can start growing your initial investment.

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  1. Set a reasonable goal:

    This is the most important step, and it should be your first one. Determine what you want to invset in and research the market to find out how much money you’ll need. Then, set staggered savings goals that add up to your required investment amount so that you are always making progress towards a milestone.

  2. Develop good habits that make it easier to save:

    The easiest way to start saving money is to identify spending habits you can easily cut. Do you have a weekly expense you can reduce or replace with a more affordable alternative? For example, brewing your morning coffee at home will not only save money each day, but it’s also a low-impact change in your life. Also, before you make discretionary purchases, ask yourself if that money would better used if you saved it instead.

    1. We all know that having a budget is a good idea, but making one is easier said than done. Luckily, with today’s technology, budgeting is a easier than ever. Try a smartphone app like Pocketbook, which can track your expenses against your income and lets you set weekly spending limits. Use it to identify where you can cut back and save without disrupting your normal routine.
    2. Using this app is like having an electronic coin jar you make a deposit in every few days. The app analyzes your spending and available funds to determine an amount that can safely be set aside for saving. Over time, these small contributions add up!
  3. Open high-yield savings accounts to get more out of your money:

    Why not enlist a bank to help you with your quest to accumulate real estate investment funds? Take the cash you set aside and make it work for you by earning interest in a high-yield account. As you grow your savings, the amount of interest you earn will grow, too.

Saving cash is challenging, but you can do it! Develop good savings habits, set goals and keep a close eye on your finances to start building your investment fund.

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