7 Easy Ways to Learn About Real Estate Investing

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Posted on August 17th, 2022


Real estate investing provides an exciting way to generate a significant income – if you know what you’re doing. Making the decision to become an investor can be daunting because there’s so much on the line. Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help fledgling investors maximize their potential. Here are seven easy ways to learn about real estate investing.

Check out real estate investment books

There are thousands of books available on many investment topics in both e-reader and traditional formats. Two of the most popular books for beginners are Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Real Estate Investment & Finance Manual. Want more options? Check out this list of top picks from Amazon.

Take a class or attend a seminar

Look at the course offerings at your local community college or business school for classes focused on your areas of interest. If you can’t find anything locally, take your search the many online education options until you find the right fit. You can also keep your eye out for local seminars that provide an introduction to the industry.

Check out free online investment calculators

Bigger Pockets offers a variety of free real estate investment calculators and other tools that can help you decide whether an investment you’re considering is a good financial move. You can determine whether or not a flip house is a good purchase, decide whether a rental you’re considering is going to produce strong returns and more. Check out a list of tools here and save yourself hours of complicated math.

Network with local investors

Never turn down invitations to attend gatherings where other real estate investors and professionals in related job fields will be in attendance. You can check out Meetup.com or do a Google search to see if there are any local investor groups in your area that are accepting new members and join up. As you begin to develop local contacts in the real estate industry, make sure you touch base with them occasionally to develop a solid network of connections. Last but certainly not least, if you find someone who has lots of experience, ask them if they’d be willing to work with you as a mentor to help you get started.

Listen to real estate investment podcasts

Some of the savviest real estate investors in the country put on regular podcasts. Check out the House Flipping HQ podcast created by Justin Williams. He’s a real estate investor who has over 500 flips under his belt and he interviews investors and talks about industry trends on his weekly show. You can also get general real estate investment information, tips and advice from the Bigger Pockets weekly podcast. Want more variety? Check out this list of excellent personal finance and investment podcasts from Forbes.

Follow popular real estate investment blogs

There are tons of free online real estate investment blogs available for your reading pleasure. Once again, we have to recommend Bigger Pockets, a site that in addition to a podcast and free tools, also offers a blog and very active forum designed to give investors a community where they can learn, grow and communicate with one and other. Check out our full article on the most helpful real estate investor tools from Bigger Pockets!

Schedule a consultation with a financial advisor who specializes in real estate

While networking with local investors will help you learn the overall business side of things, they won’t help as much when it comes to sorting through your finances and figuring out how you can best utilize your money. That’s why it’s wise to schedule a consultation with a financial advisor who spec in helping real estate investors build a successful portfolio before you dive in.

The most successful real estate investors are often the most informed because they are well-researched on how to use various strategies to build a portfolio that invites long-term success. Make sure you’re one of them!

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