7 Tell-Tale Signs That a Buyer Likes Your House

By Home Bay

Posted on February 10th, 2017

Hosting a home showing can be nerve wracking because it can be difficult to tell what your potential buyers are thinking. How do you know if a potential buyer likes your house? And how can you tell if they’re considering putting in an offer? Many buyers won’t tell you outright what they are thinking, but there are some subtle (and some not-so-subtle) clues you can look for to help you spot an interested buyer.


If a buyer does one or more of the following, they’re interested in your property:

  1. Explores your home slowly

Home shoppers, especially those who have seen multiple properties already, tend to form an opinion on the property they’re touring rather quickly. If you notice a buyer taking their time in each room and exploring slowly, that’s a good sign. Pausing to look over every detail shows a clear interest in the property

  1. Asks a lot of questions

If a buyer isn’t even remotely considering a property, they aren’t going to take the time to ask a bunch of questions. But if they are interested, you’re likely to get a number of questions about your home, neighborhood, and so on. The closer a buyer gets to putting in an offer the more questions you can expect.

  1. Invites friends or family along

If a buyer already scoped out your property online and they know it checks all the boxes on their “must-have” list, they’re already excited to ditch the laptop and schedule an in-person showing. If a buyer is ready to start putting in offers, they’ll often be eager to bring along a family member or friend to get a second opinion of the property. Consider friends and family tag alongs a good sign as you work to spot serious shoppers.

  1. Focuses on a particular space

If a buyer stops to admire a particular area room for an extended period of time, or if they make it a point to go back and look at a room multiple times, they are definitely interested in your home. This is especially true if you notice a buyer walking through the house in it’s entirety, then walking through it again.

  1. Comments on the design or style

Most buyers make comments about each room as they walk through a home. For example, you’ll likely hear things like “Oh, I like that backsplash!” or, “The flooring is nice but I’m not crazy about the color…”. If you hear negative comments, don’t be alarmed and don’t take it personally. An interested buyer critiquing your home’s design is likely just taking inventory of what projects they would want to do once they move into the home.

  1. Talks about timing

If you catch buyers talking about timing their move, that’s a really good sign. For example, right now the holidays are near, so you may hear a comment like, “Wow, it would really be great to be able to close before the new year.” It’s also a good sign to hear potential buyers talking about move-in dates because it likely means they’re already preapproved for a loan and are ready to move into escrow quickly.

  1. Sets up a second viewing

This one goes without say, but anytime a buyer requests a second viewing, it’s an excellent sign. A buyer isn’t going to go back to a property a second time unless they’re really interested in it. You can get especially excited if your potential buyer asks to bring along friends or family members for a second showing.

By understanding how potential buyers show interest in your house, you can use these cues to point out features that are compelling to more buyers.

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