8 Design Trends Dominating California Homes in 2017

By Home Bay

Posted on April 21st, 2017

Thinking about updating your California home and want to make sure you’re on trend? You’re in the right place! This post will take a look at the biggest design trends making an appearance in California homes this year.

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  1. Gravel Landscaping:


    Photo Source: simonlandscape.com

    Throughout SoCal, gravel is popping up along garden borders, on driveways, and in lieu of patio stones. These little rocks or pea gravel mirror the move to maintenance-free, water-saving landscaping. Gravel is also relatively cheap, fashionable, and easy to work with.

  2. Outdoor Kitchens:


    The beautiful weather in SoCal makes al fresco dining a must, and to make that possible, more and more homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens to their homes. These fashion- and function-filled spaces include everything from brick pizza ovens to wet bars.

  3. LED Lights in the Kitchen:


    LED lights appeal to the energy-conscious consumer, and these days, that phrase describes almost everyone. When installed under cabinets, these lights also create the illusion that your kitchen cabinets are floating. If you like, you can even install LED tape under your cabinets — it’s a budget- and time-friendly project.

  4. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances:


    Photo Source: curbed.com

    For over a decade, stainless steel has been popular across the country. SoCal residents took this design a step further, and now, copper and mocha colored stainless steel appliances dominate the most compelling kitchens in Southern California.

  5. Specialty Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets


    SoCal residents aren’t just adding light and color to their kitchens. They are also customizing storage solutions. Rather than just outfitting kitchens with standard drawers and cupboards, designers are putting in cabinets that feature subdivisions, special compartments, and more for everything from tiny, teeny bits to big stock pans and baking trays.

  6. Bold Bathrooms:


    Bathrooms in SoCal are quickly surpassing their traditional role. They are no longer simply a place to read the morning paper and do your business. Instead, bathrooms are becoming living spaces. They now host everything from TVs to fish tanks to spa-like amenities and intuitive toilets.

    In addition, many style-savvy designers are utilizing bold colors and patterns in bathrooms. Even if your bathroom isn’t big enough to double as a living area, you can make it bold with some wild wallpaper, new fixtures or other daring flair elements.

  7. Home Automation:


    Although home automation may not fall under the design category, it’s becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. Automation is particularly popular in tech-focused areas such as SoCal. A home automation system connects everything from garage door openers, to security systems, to heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

  8. Barn Doors:

    barn door 2

    If you’re reading a design magazine, you will likely see the word “repurposed” multiple times, and some of the most popular items to repurpose are barn doors. Once designed to keep the cows in, these doors have now been repurposed into almost every aspect of home design, and regardless of where you are located, they are known to help homes sell faster.

Ideally, when selling a home, you want to find a balance between cutting-edge style and traditional looks. It can help to freshen your home and add some stylish elements. However, you want to be careful that you don’t go so trendy that it’s hard to attract middle-of-the-road buyers.

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