3 Effective Ways to Attract Buyers to a Unique Property

By Home Bay

Posted on June 27th, 2022

When you sell a unique home that appeals to a niche market of buyers, like a ranch, you need to make sure you promote it in a way that your target buyer sees it. Doing so will increase your chances of finding the right buyer quickly. This post covers three basic tips that simplify the process of marketing and selling a unique property.


  1. Find real estate websites that cater directly to your target buyer:
    Take a moment to define exactly what makes your home stand out. Does it have stables for horses, a boat dock or a massive lot perfect for building an addition? Whatever unique features your home has chances are good there are real estate sites geared specifically towards marketing homes just like yours to buyers looking for that type or property. Some sites may charge, but if it’s well trafficked, its well worth a small fee to reach the right people. Searching for specific sites should always be your first step with a specialty property.

  2. Encourage engagement and sharing:
    Whether listing on your property-specific website or craigslist, your description should make readers intensely curious about the home. Use language that effectively illustrate the unique features of the property. Use this post for tips and advice on how to most effectively engage potential buyers and encourage them to request a showing. Another key to driving engagement is using beautiful photos that really showcase your property. We encourage sellers to hire a professional real estate photographer to make sure they get the best possible shots.

    You should also share your listing on all your social networks to increase your marketing reach (for free!). Want to put some money behind it? Learn how to boost a post on Facebook. You can also check out this post for more home seller marketing ideas.

  3. Use smart keywords to target highly qualified buyers:
    No matter where you advertise, stick to using the keywords the buyers you want to target will be seeking. For example, if you have a dock, emphasize keywords such as boat launch, water access, and so on. Try to come up with keywords that might attract people with lifestyles that would interest them in the property. For example, you may want to target anglers if you have a dock. Including these keywords in the description and the title (if possible) will help boost the visibility of your listing. These can also be useful #hashtags if you promote your listing on social media.

No matter what distinct feature you want to emphasize, always try to think “Who is the buyer I want to target?” Form your marketing strategy from there and stay focused on emphasizing your home’s best features. That will give you the edge you need to make a sale.

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