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  • 5 Most Common Home Inspection Mistakes Sellers Make

    The home inspection is often the most stressful part of a real estate transaction for both buyers and sellers. The buyer is about to make a big investment and is worried that the home may have some deal-breaking defects. Meanwhile, as the seller, you’re concerned about the potential for

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  • 3 Potential Home Inspection Outcomes for Sellers

    A home inspection allows your buyer to be fully informed about the state of your property and makes them aware of any issues they would inherit upon purchase. Here’s a look at three potential inspection outcomes and what each one means to you as a seller. Outcome 1 – All

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  • What You Can (and Can't) Expect the Seller to Fix After the Home Inspection

    If you're buying a house, you can make repair requests before signing the closing documents. But you can't expect the seller to fix everything. Here's what you can expect a seller to fix after the home inspection has been completed.

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  • Home Seller's Guide to Countering Repair Requests

    During your home inspection, a licensed inspector will come to your property to evaluate the condition of your home. After the inspection, they’ll provide a report to your buyers, detailing anything in need of repair. Once your buyers get a chance to review the report, they’ll send you

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  • Home Inspection Preparation Checklist for Sellers

    There are a number of steps involved in the home selling process, one of which is getting a home inspection done. Once you’ve accepted an offer and entered escrow, your buyer will schedule a home inspection. They’ll choose an inspector and will pay for the service, but it’

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