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  • Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Home Inspections

    Home inspections are an important part of the closing process when buying a home and this post takes a look at everything that’s involved. We’ll cover things like who pays for it, what’s evaluated, what the potential outcomes are and how each outcome impacts sellers. We’ve

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  • 5 Most Common Home Inspection Mistakes Sellers Make

    The home inspection is often the most stressful part of a real estate transaction for both buyers and sellers. The buyer is about to make a big investment and is worried that the home may have some deal-breaking defects. Meanwhile, as the seller, you’re concerned about the potential for

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  • 3 Potential Home Inspection Outcomes for Sellers

    A home inspection allows your buyer to be fully informed about the state of your property and makes them aware of any issues they would inherit upon purchase. Here’s a look at three potential inspection outcomes and what each one means to you as a seller. Outcome 1 – All

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  • Home Seller's Guide to Countering Repair Requests

    During your home inspection, a licensed inspector will come to your property to evaluate the condition of your home. After the inspection, they’ll provide a report to your buyers, detailing anything in need of repair. Once your buyers get a chance to review the report, they’ll send you

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  • Home Inspection Preparation Checklist for Sellers

    There are a number of steps involved in the home selling process, one of which is getting a home inspection done. Once you’ve accepted an offer and entered escrow, your buyer will schedule a home inspection. They’ll choose an inspector and will pay for the service, but it’

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  • Home Buyer Advice: What to Expect with Home Inspections

    As a home buyer, it’s important to understand what’s involved in a home inspection. Read on to learn what you can expect to uncover during your home inspection, what you won’t see unless you bring in specialty inspectors, and what you can reasonably ask sellers to repair.

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