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  • How Long Will It Take to Sell Your San Diego County Home?

    As of December 2014, the average home in San Diego county was on the market for 1.5 to 3 months before going into escrow with a buyer. Below are the average marketing times in San Diego County for select areas over the last 12 months. A fast home sale

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  • 8 Factors That Impact How Fast Your Home Sells

    You’re ready to list your home – but you aren’t sure how long it’s going to be on the market, which makes planning very difficult. So how do you determine how long it will take to sell? Step one is to take a look at other recently sold

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  • How to Estimate an Effective Home Sale Timeline

    How long will it take to sell your home? The answer varies based on where you live, the type of property you have, what the local real estate market is like, how much you promote your listing and so on. While there will always be time elements you can’t

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  • When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

    The ideal time to sell your house is when you are ready to sell. But savvy sellers know to target prime seasons when buyers are the most active. While seasonality trends are influenced by ZIP codes and time zones, June is a month of peak buyer activity across most US

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