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  • Zillow Announces New Price This Home Tool for Sellers

    It was announced today that real estate giant, Zillow, is launching a new pricing tool for sellers, named Price This Home. This new tool allows homeowners to create an estimate of their home’s value based on comparable listings and recently sold homes in their neighborhood. The estimate is private

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  • 3 Popular Home Valuation Tools - Compared

    Do online home value estimators really work? How accurate (or inaccurate) are they? Can you trust what they tell you? This post will carefully examine three popular online home valuation tools and will provide some guidance on which one will give you the best ballpark pricing estimate for your home.

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  • Redfin or Zillow Got Your Home Value Wrong? Do This.

    Today there’s a wealth of info available to home buyers and sellers that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Online home value estimator tools are a great example. While home value estimators are an excellent tool, they aren’t perfect. So what can you do if an

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  • Redfin vs. Zillow: Which Home Value Estimator is Better?

    In the age of the internet, technology has allowed home buyers and sellers to become more savvy than ever. Online tools and home value estimators have become a first stop on the journey to buy or sell a home. And while there are multiple platforms to choose from, two stand

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  • Resources for Selling or Buying for Veterans and Military Service Members

    Frequent moves are synonymous with military life. While finding and moving into a new home can be exciting, the process can be stressful and overwhelming, especially on short notice. While Home Bay wants to serve as a resource to everyone selling or buying a home, military families benefit from access

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