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  • 3 Reasons Real Estate Commissions Are Controversial

    When you sell a home, you’re responsible for paying both the buyer agent commission and the seller or listing agent commission. If both you and your buyer use a traditional agent, that means you’ll be paying 6% of your final sale price to an agent! Not surprisingly, both

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  • Are Real Estate Agents and Companies Hiding Information About Commissions?

    Most consumers generally know how much interest their credit card companies charge or the interest rate of their home mortgages. Both are examples of industries that clearly and easily advertise rates. The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) recently released a report - Hidden Real Estate Commissions: Consumer Costs and Improved

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  • How Hidden Commissions Impact Your Real Estate Transaction

    Real estate fees charged by most brokers and agencies are intentionally unclear to consumers. The lack of transparency in the amount, as well as how it works or who pays them, means that buyers and sellers involved in the transaction are negatively impacted while often times being completely unaware.   The

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