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  • Save Thousands: Sell Your Home Without an Agent

    When you hire an agent to sell your home, you expect to get the best possible return on your real estate investment. Surprisingly, research has shown this is not always the case. In fact, Stanford University recently published a study showing that in many cases, homeowners sell their homes for

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  • Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

    Many sellers don’t know that you don’t have to hire a traditional real estate agent or broker to get quality representation in a sale. Instead, investors and FSBOs can hire a Transaction Coordinator (TC), a real estate expert who assists with offer negotiation, escrow and closing, for a

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  • 7 Easy & Affordable Pre-Sale Renovation Ideas for Sellers

    There are lots of home renovation posts that offer advice on what you should do to make your home sale-ready. However, many of them neglect to consider the cost involved with doing multiple updates in a short period of time. The easy and affordable pre-sale renovation ideas outlined below will

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  • 2016 Tax Tips for Home Sellers

    2016 Tax Tips for Home Sellers

    By Home Bay

    Posted on April 14th, 2016

    The tax deadline is just days away, so we figured it was the perfect time to talk about how selling a home can impact your filing. For first-time FSBOs, the prospect of taxes after a home sale may seem a little daunting. How do you factor in money made from

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  • Is That Home Improvement Worth the Money? Find Out.

    You’ve probably heard that a few key home improvements may help increase your home’s sale price when it comes time to sell. But how much does it really matter? Is making pre-sale home improvements really worth the hassle and the money? The answer is… it depends. Read on

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  • 5 Reasons Selling Your Own Home Makes Sense in 2016

    Contrary to popular belief, hiring an agent might not be the best way to sell your home. In fact, for lots of sellers, bypassing an agent can be hugely beneficial! Let’s take a look at a five reasons why selling your own home can be a really wise choice.

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Make More Money on Your Home Sale

    When you list a property for sale, the obvious goal is to – well – sell it. But if you’re like most sellers, your secondary goals are to sell relatively quickly and to make as much money as possible at closing. But what can you do to increase your odds of

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  • Home Seller Hacks: How to Save Money on Your Move

    Moving is expensive! That’s why most people jump at the chance to save a little green wherever they can. But, savings at the cost of quality isn’t a good idea. Instead, follow these few simple strategies to help reduce your costs and ensure a safe and simple move

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  • 3 Simple Money-Saving Tips for Home Sellers

    There are a lot of expenses involved with selling a home that many homeowners don’t consider (or realize!) until they are in the thick of the process. While some of these costs are what they are, others are negotiable or can even be avoided altogether. Read on for guidance

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  • When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

    The ideal time to sell your house is when you are ready to sell. But savvy sellers know to target prime seasons when buyers are the most active. While seasonality trends are influenced by ZIP codes and time zones, June is a month of peak buyer activity across most US

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