Must Have Tools for New Homeowners

By Craig Donofrio

Posted on August 31st, 2022

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Even if your home is move-in ready, you’re still going to have to take on home improvement projects here and there. There are a few must-have tools you’ll want to pick up — especially if you’re a first-time homeowner! Keep reading to learn about these essential tools you’ll want to add to your toolbox.

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A Power Drill (Preferably Cordless)

A cordless drill is by far one of the most useful tools you can keep around the house. From hanging window treatments to building furniture, a quality cordless drill and bit set will come in handy both indoors and out for many years to come.

The biggest limitation of a cordless drill is that it lacks the power of a corded drill. You'll find it more difficult to drill into studs, so if you have some heavy-duty drilling to do, buy a corded drill as well. But, you'll get the most use out of a cordless drill.

A Toolbox

All homeowners should have a set of hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, nails, and the like.

But one thing that often gets overlooked is the value of a quality toolbox in which to store all these items. Having a quality tool box with plenty of storage compartments and pockets will help you keep your tools organized.

Laser Level

From hanging picture frames to installing new cabinetry or shelving, a laser level will come in handy for every DIY homeowner out there.

Specifically, laser levels make your life easier by projecting a laser line across the surface for accurate marking and measuring. Many even come with a built-in measuring tape.

Speaking of which...

Measuring Tape

As a new homeowner, you will measure more things than you've ever measured in your life. Buy at least one measuring tape. You can never have enough.

Safety Gear

Protective gear is a must for any DIY-er working with power tools. Even with a simple painting project, it’s recommended that you wear gloves and a protective mask. Some safety essentials to keep on-hand include goggles, ear protection, and a box of latex gloves.

A Utility Knife

A sharp, quality utility knife can go a long way. From simply opening boxes around the house to cutting caulk and drywall, you can easily find one of these for about $10. Consider picking up a pack of replacement blades while you’re at it.

LED Flashlight

Whether you’re working in a dark attic or crawlspace, having an LED flashlight on hand is a must for any homeowner. LED flashlights will last for hundreds of hours without needing a battery replacement, so they’re highly recommended over traditional bulb options. Consider keeping a few of these throughout your house so you’re never far from one–or even pick up a keychain LED light for added convenience.

Stud Finder

You’ll likely be hanging shelving or photos on your home’s walls the same week you move in, so make sure you have a stud finder readily available for easy hanging. The last thing you want is to damage your drywall trying to hang a heavy object without anchoring it to a stud first!

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