Employee Spotlight: Ryan Prazen, Director of Customer Success

By Amanda

Posted on September 25th, 2018

We’re real estate agents, programmers, sales specialists, customer supporters, financial analysts, tech superheroes, and more — but we’re also real people. The Home Bay team is made up of many dedicated, talented individuals with interesting stories to tell. In our Employee Spotlight series, we’ll feature these people, tell you some interesting bits about them, and why they chose Home Bay.

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Before joining our team, San Diego native Ryan Prazen represented the buyer of a property listed with Home Bay. That was in 2015. He loved the concept.

“I looked up the founders on Linkedin and started hounding them,” said Prazen. “This led to a part-time contract gig. Eventually, they hired me full-time. Now I’m in charge of managing Home Bay’s robust team of real estate agents.”

Tell us more about what you do at Home Bay as the Director of Customer Success. What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day we are soaking in information so we can create a better transaction tomorrow. With real estate, there are a lot of “Chefs in the kitchen”. When you think about the transaction itself, there’s typically a buyer, seller, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, Title Representative, and a Lender & Escrow officer. In some states, there’s also an attorney on each side. Each “Chef” has their own business model, systems and procedures, leaving many opportunities for misunderstandings, personality conflicts, unreasonable expectations, and miscommunication. Because of this, critical items often fall through the cracks.

Every day at Home Bay presents an opportunity to learn from our customers, from third party vendors and other “Chef’s in the kitchen” to find out how we can avoid cracks in the transactional foundation. At Home Bay, we’ve automated and digitized as many of the mundane tasks as possible to avoid human error and keep the transaction transparent and simple.

As we evolve, we are building software to handle the simple time-sensitive parts of the transaction, which creates massive efficiency. Efficiency equals savings that we pass onto our customers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Home Bay's Ryan Prazen with Family

LOL! Having free time with a start-up is an oxymoron. With that said, I spend my free time with my wife and daughter. I like to run, read, surf, hike & eat. My family enjoys beach camping.

What did you do before Home Bay?

I was a partner of a real estate brokerage that specialized in listing/selling REO/Bank Owned/Foreclosures for many years. I then became Asset Manager for a large nationwide company in which we liquidated 100s of properties nationwide every month on behalf of several national and global banks, mortgage services and government institutions. From there, I became an Assistant Manager for one of the largest Century 21 Franchises in Southern California, overseeing agent operations for 15 offices and more than 1,500 agents.

So, you have a lot of experience working in traditional real estate. Why the shift to Home Bay?

I strongly believe the industry is ready for a major shift. Technology is ripe to allow consumers to save money and transact online while having the professional assistance of a broker readily available.

The home buying and selling process is evolving. Do agents need to embrace change?

Using technology to make the entire selling process transparent is what we’re about. Users are savvier than ever before and want to understand where and how agents add value to the process. Agents that can adapt quickly will be just fine. Technology will eliminate the unprepared and unwilling.

What does “customer success” mean to you?

It’s the result of customers realizing that selling their home was straightforward and easy using Home Bay’s combination of technology and experienced agents.

Now, onto the fun stuff. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be?

Camouflage. I’m somewhat of an introvert.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Surf trip to the Maldives.

Where did you attend college?

San Diego State University. My diploma is signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger (the “Govenator” at the time of my graduation).

Lastly, any hidden talents we should know about?

I can walk on my hands really well. Does that count?

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