Evaluating Your HVAC System: Is It Time For An Upgrade?

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Posted on June 10th, 2016

Furnaces, ducts and air conditioners are big investments for any homeowner. How do you know when it’s time for a replacement or upgrade? The Energy Star program of the EPA advises that homeowners look for these issues when determining whether or not they may need an HVAC system upgrade:


Your energy bills are high:

This is a telltale sign that your heating and cooling systems are working inefficiently or past their capacity. If you’ve noticed that your electricity bills are consistently rising despite normal use or that they’re or abnormally high, it’s time to get your systems checked.

Your heating and cooling units are old:

If your furnace or AC unit is more than 10 years old, it might be time to replace it. According to Energy Star, a new furnace can save you up to 15% on your bill and a new air conditioning unit can save you up to 20%.

Hot and cold air are unevenly distributed throughout the house:

If you part of your house is toasty warm in the winter and another part of the house is cold, this could be a symptom of bad ductwork or a malfunctioning system. If you notice uneven distribution, call in the pros to check it out.

Your home is especially humid or dusty:

Excess humidity or dryness could indicate an equipment malfunction in either your heating or cooling system. Excess dust could be coming in from the attic, which usually signals that your ducts need to be resealed.

Your HVAC system is noisy:

Hearing lots of noise when the air kicks on is an indication that your furnace or ACunit is overworked. If there are lots of clunks, bumps and shudder noises coming through your vents, it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful and efficient system.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to talk with a certified HVAC contractor about your options. Depending on the weather where you live and how often you use your systems, it may be much more cost effective to do a small repair than to replace your whole system. But, if it’s a larger, more costly repair, it’s possible you could make your money back in energy bill savings if you invest in new heating and cooling units.

Find an ACCA member HVAC professional near you and ask them about your potential for money and energy savings with a replacement versus a repair!

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