Home Bay Success Story: Nadia from El Dorado Hills, CA

By Home Bay

Posted on May 29th, 2016

Nadia – a home appraiser with fifteen years of experience from El Dorado Hills, California – knows real estate. While she was out on the job one day, a Home Bay sign caught her eye and she decided to investigate. After she found out what kind of services we offer to home sellers, she decided to give us a try. Here’s her story.


Nadia’s Story:

After living in her family home for eighteen years, Nadia found herself facing a time of transition. The kids moved out, the house was starting to feel a little big and the time it took to maintain it became more than Nadia was willing to put in. She was ready to find a home that would be a better fit the next phase of her life, so she decided it was time to sell.

Nadia knows real estate. She’s been an appraiser for fifteen years and is even a licensed real estate agent who can represent buyers and sellers. When she first decided to list, she was planning on using her real estate credentials to list her own home. But then, she found a better, more affordable option.

All Signs Point to Home Bay:

Nadia was out doing appraisals one afternoon when she saw a Home Bay sign in someone’s yard. Since she knows the real estate scene well and is familiar with all the local agents, Nadia was intrigued by the company she hadn’t seen before.

When she got home that day, she looked us up and was impressed by what she found. Nadia quickly realized that Home Bay offers the perfect bridge between her real estate knowledge and a successful home sale. She was also very excited to see the very reasonable price tag.

After researching other options in the space and realizing there was no other company offering comprehensive seller service for a flat fee, Nadia decided to take the plunge and list her home with Home Bay.


You Have to Trust the System:

Not only do Home Bay clients get expert guidance from listed to close, our intelligent software also helps you make decisions along the way. Nadia found this feature to be really useful when she got a super low offer right out of the gate.

If there’s anything out of the ordinary in an offer you receive, our system will red flag it and will provide an explanation for anything that’s not the norm. The system also provides advice developed by our co-founder, a successful real estate broker, on what your next steps should be.

Nadia explains, “Home Bay’s system is awesome. It red flagged the low offers so I knew what I was dealing with. It saved me a lot of time because I was able to evaluate and reject two super low offers without even having to bother to go any further. Everything was so smooth, it was unbelievable.”

Want to know what her favorite thing about working with Home Bay is? Read Nadia’s full case study.

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